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Fact #2: Rats love to be petted in certain spots
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Trust provides a foundation for bonding with pets just as it does with other humans. Rats, being intelligent creatures, quickly identify their care provider. Seeing you as a source for food, water, toys, housing, a clean environment and other things they need and want fosters trust. Plus, the essentials keep your rats healthy and happy, promoting normal, sociable behavior that leads to bonding. House your rats in pairs or more, because they need company, and make sure their cage is well-ventilated and roomy enough -- at least 2 feet all around for two rats, but preferably larger. Feed your rats lab block pellets, and bits of safe fresh fruits and vegetables, and give them fresh water daily. Keep their home clean, removing soiled bedding and droppings every day, and replacing all the bedding and washing down the cage and items once per week. Provide appropriate chewing items for their ever-growing teeth, toys for stimulation and a solid exercise wheel for physical activity.
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An aquarium will protect the rat from drafts, but has poor air circulationwhich makes it warmer and more humid than a wire cage. An aquarium is alsomore difficult than a wire cage to decorate and to provide levels forclimbing. A 20-gallon tank will house one or two females or males and wouldneed to be cleaned twice a week since the rats are living in their litter,unlike in a wire cage where they can climb up onto shelves. Tanks make itdifficult for the owner to interact with their pets. Rats housed in aquariumsneed daily out time to provide necessary exercise unless the rat happens tobe a wheel runner. Jan 20, 2017 - At least eight people who breed pet rats have been infected with an unusual ..
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Most reported research on rodents is based on work done in laboratory settings. This includes research regarding reproductive tract pathology in female rats (,–) which have typically been based on postmortem diagnoses. As the popularity of small mammal pets increases, however, so does the need for more advanced medical care, diagnostic tests, and surgical procedures. Ovariohysterectomy is an ideal example of such a procedure and is indicated in a variety of circumstances, including control of mammary and pituitary tumors, masses, and ovarian disease such as cystic ovaries, pyometra, and dystocia (,). Most spontaneous tumors in the female genital tract of laboratory rats are neoplasms of the vagina and uterus and can be of wide histological variance (). To the authors’ knowledge, the clinical presentation of the above-mentioned diseases is rarely discussed in the literature, nor are diagnostic tests and treatment option details. In an effort to address this deficit in the literature, this case report outlines the diagnosis, management, and outcome of 2 pet rats with the presenting complaint of vaginal bleeding.Honestly? You'll spend the same price on one of these cages as you will at Petsmart. You're looking at around $100 for a new cage for at least 2-3 rats (please get at least 2). Rats are very social animals.Indications for performing an ovariohysterectomy in pet rats include control of mammary and pituitary tumors, masses, ovarian disease such as cystic ovaries, pyometra, dystocia, population control, and, potentially, behavioral modification (,). Examples of reproductive masses in rats include vaginal stromal polyps, vaginal myxomas, granular cell tumors, uterine adenomas, and adenocarcinomas (–,,). Spindle cell sarcoma has also been diagnosed from a vaginal mass (Bairbre O’Malley Veterinary Hospital, Wicklow, Ireland, personal communication, 2010). Performing an ovariohysterectomy in pet rats is straightforward with potential complications found in any surgery, including hemorrhage, risk of infection, and dehiscence of sutures. However, due to the small size and nature of the patient the anesthesia can be life threatening and needs to be considered.The Kaytee My First Home for Pet Rats provides great living space for rowdy pet rats to roam! The deep plastic base prevents bedding from scattering while the wire top makes for easy viewing and superb ventilation. Narrow 1/2" spaced wire bars prevent small animal pets from escaping. With your own Kaytee My First Home, you too can discover why keeping pet rats is so much fun!