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"Our dog needs a special prescription food that I cannot always find in stores. Pet360 has made finding and purchasing our dog food much easier."

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360 Farm and Pet is an authorized Fromm Family Pet Food retailer. Fromm Family Foods is a family-owned and operated artisan pet food company in Wisconsin that produces their own food and treats in small, hands-on batches. Veterinary Diet Pet Food: Prescription Food for Dogs & Cats | Pet360
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360 Pet Medical offers Royal Canin Pet Food as one of our recommended brands for your dog or cat's nutritional needs. Royal Canin formulates one of the best, premium pet foods in the world. The Royal Canin line of pet food is made up of over 50 nutrients that supply your dog or cat with most effect nutrition and diet for their individual and specific needs.
How sad that beloved pets have been lost because of contaminated wheat gluten in their food. For many of us our pets are four legged family members. There are some really good, healthy, and EASY dog and cat food recipes which I am choosing to make right now to avoid feeding my "babies" anything toxic. Maybe 360 could post some recipe sites. Dogs and cats LOVE the homemade food.Pet360, for a Halloween promotion that invites pet owners to show off their pets' tricks to win a prize pack and have petfood donated to their favorite animal shelter."Our dog needs a special prescription food that I cannot always find in stores. Pet360 has made finding and purchasing our dog food much easier."Another recent reviewer (2/12/2017) claimed that this dog food - Hill's Prescription Diet digestive care i/d low fat - contains propylene glycol. So, I took a close look for myself at the ingredients listed on 1)a new 27.5lb bag received today from Pet360, 2) the Pet360 web site, and 3) the Hill's PD website, and there is absolutely no mention anywhere of propylene glycol as an ingredient in this particular brand of dog food. Maybe it is an older bag or another brand of Hill's Science dog food. Finally, I contacted the company and they confirmed that there is no propylene glycol in this bag of dry dog food. I will continue to use it so long as it works for me and my dog.