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Search for adoptable pets at shelters and rescues, and adopt your new Birds.
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Many pet parents prefer to choose a young bird because they want to train their new pet themselves and bond with them over their lifetime. However, there are many rewards and advantages to adopting a mature adult bird. Mature birds can be well-trained and friendly; and there are many adoptable birds in need of lifelong, loving homes.
To learn more about adopting a pet bird, check out Petfinder to find a parrot adoption center near you.
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Any month can be a good time to adopt a new friend, as long as you are prepared to take on their care. January is Adopt a Rescued Birth Month - a great time for spreading awareness about homeless pet birds waiting for new homes. It's not only cats and dogs who find themselves needing rescue! Comment below - have you ever had a bird as a pet? Would you ever consider adopting one in the future?
Photo provided by FlickrN.W. Bird Rescue has dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens for adoption. Adopt a pet in Vancouver, WA.
Photo provided by FlickrPictures and info about birds available for adoption are on this Petfinder site
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Pictures and info about birds available for adoption are on this Petfinder site. CLICK ON THE BIRDS' PICTURES for individual info about each bird.Our Virtual Bird Tour is on this Petfinder site. CLICK ON "View our Adoptable Birds" at the top of this page for the complete list of birds available from our agency. Then CLICK ON THE PICTURE OF THE BIRD for more details on that bird. All info is updated as soon as we can. A-Parrot to A-Flamingo Rescue, Inc. is a No-Kill, private nonprofit Ohio parrot/pet bird rescue/safe haven. Our staff has been finding homes for unwanted parrots for over 30 years. A-Parrot to A-Flamingo functions as a parrot adoption and rehoming agency. We are not a parrot sanctuary for permanent place parrots. We are NOT soliciting for parrots for our private ownership. Located in the heart of beautiful Colorado Springs, The Perch is a one-of-a-kind pet store where you can enjoy a cup of locally-roasted coffee and shop for pet bird food and supplies in the company of beautiful (and adoptable!) parrots. All sales at The Perch benefit Metro Denver Parrot Rescue!January is generally noted as Adopt a Rescued Bird month, however, it is important to note that not all birds in adoption organizations were in need of “rescuing,” — i.e. in an abusive situation. Many birds in pet bird adoption groups were lovingly cared for by devoted caretakers who subsequently developed health conditions that made it a challenge to maintain the standard of care their birds were accustomed to or the bird’s caretaker passed away. Unforeseeable life situations like job loss or a change in living situation can also cause a bird to lose his or her home. And there are also individuals who find themselves “in over there heads” in trying to care for birds they might have inherited, found, been gifted or purchased — they realize that the bird deserves much more than they are capable of providing.There are many legitimate agencies around, including (formerly 1-800-Save-A-Pet), which functions as a clearinghouse designed to match birds put out for adoption with prospective human adopters. Using Adopt-A-Pet is easy; just select your pet type, type in your zip code with a travel range, and search. When I searched Adopt-A-Pet today, there were many parrots looking for nice people to care for them.