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This 55 Quart premium airtight pet food storage container is great for storing pet food
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These are also airtight containers for dry dog food, like the IRIS container that I chose as my top pick. The twist on lid keeps the pet food dry, fresh and pest free. The lock-down double gaskets and efficient storage shape make these containers ideal for storing kibble in small spaces like pantries, closets or cupboards. They are also equipped with molded handles making them easy to lift and move.
IRIS Airtight Pet Food Storage Container for Treats (47 Quart) : Target
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This air-tight organizer is great for storing pet food and it comes in a variety of different colors. The included wheels can be optionally attached (they just pop in) for optimal mobility. I put a large bag of dry cat food in the bottom container. I used the top container to store cans of cat food. There is a little ridge on the bottom of the top container that prevents it from sliding off of the bottom container. It comes with a high-quality scoop that makes scooping out the dry cat food convenient. This looks a lot nice than having bags and cans of cat food sitting around. I’m very impressed and like the blue color that I chose! Filmed with Sony FDR-AX100 camcorder in 4K UltraHD. Contains royalty-free music from YouTube Content Creator Audio Library. Airtight pet food containers store your pet's favorite dry dog food, dry cat food or wild bird seed
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Photo provided by FlickrIRIS Airtight Pet Food Storage Container helps keep your pet food fresh
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18.5 x 13.6 x 22.9This 55 Quart premium airtight pet food storage container is great for storing pet food. Built-in handles and airtight seal keeps contents dry and fresh. Casters are included for mobility.Our pet food can has a robust lock-tight handle that keeps food in and pets out. A silicone gasket forms an airtight seal so food stays fresh. The can includes a convenient scoop that attaches magnetically under the lid. The storage container's large capacity (36-44 lb/16-20 kg) is ideal for storing dog or pet food or other bulk items like flour, rice, sugar or charcoal.By keeping your pet’s food in an airtight storage container, you’ll be protecting your pet from harmful bacteria and diseases transmitted by insects and rodents. If you have to buy bulk dog food (e.g. Forcost savings or lack of local access to premium dog food brands), besure to store the bags in airtight pet food storagecontainers.Many of the premium dog food companies usequality zip lock bags fortheir dog treats. Keep the treats in the bag, and put the original baginto the jar. Always use airtight pet food containers and apply thesame storage principles to dog treats as kibble. CLICK FOR WIKI ►►

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IRIS Airtight Pet Food Storage Container, 47 Quart, Navy
made their Airtight Pet Food Container Combo Kit with BPA-free, FDA compliant materials. You can store dog food in this container for long periods of time without having to worry about harmful chemicals leaching into your dog's kibble.