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All Lucky Paws pets are spayed or neutered, immunized, microchipped, licensed, and ready to go to their new, loving, forever homes. All new pet parents must meet the City of Albuquerque qualified adopter requirements.
The ordinance allows Albuquerque residents to own six pets, of which no more than four are dogs.
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Caring for your pets is the #1 goal of all responsible pet owners, and it is the #1 of goal of Clark’s Pets. We have put our goals out in front of us by offering pet shot clinics at both of our Albuquerque locations. We invite you all to visit with these companies and be a part of what makes Albuquerque and New Mexico great for pets and all wildlife.
Photo provided by FlickrAlbuquerque's lost and adoptable pets are our highest priority. We are honored to help with pet-care needs and questions.
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Payment for your license is due within 60 days of your pet’s vaccination date or prior license expiration date. A late fee of $15.00 is added if your license has not been purchased within this time. If you are licensing for the first time, you must purchase a license within 30 days of obtaining a dog or cat over the age of 3 months or within 30 days of establishing residence in the City of Albuquerque.People’s Anti Cruelty Association / Albuquerque Animal Rescue, a no-kill rescue group, was founded in 1973. We rescue, rehabilitate and rehouse homeless dogs and cats. PACA has no shelter facility and relies on an organized network of volunteers who foster the pets until permanent homes are found.Clark’s Pet Shops pride themselves on being the local pet resource center for all those who own pets in Albuquerque! We’ve been serving you for over 42 years and will continue to do so well into the future. Our two shops are more than just places you go to buy products and new pets, they are full of knowledgeable staff who want to help you find what your pet needs.Clark’s Pets has been serving the Albuquerque community by selling them the best pet supplies for over 40 years. Our dedicated team of pet supply experts is available 7 days a week to help you find what your pet needs to stay healthy and active.Kevin’s Photography is a studio owned by dog lovers, dog trainers, and Dog showers, Yes, that’s Tricia and I. We live our lives around our dogs, our safaris, and of course our studio weddings. With a lifetime of experience with pets, we take pride in our ability to work with them, love them and get great photos. Our dogs and children are the heart and soul of our life and that’s what makes us so passionate about being a dog photographer. The time we have with our pups is important to us and photography is a way to make those memories last a lifetime. These special friends are such an important part of our lives, giving us joy and happiness, add your family and you will have a wonderful memory to keep forever. Come to Albuquerque Pet Photographers, Kevin’s Photography and get that special portrait of a special loved one. Kevin’s Photography is a full time Albuquerque Photography Studio with the options of both indoor studio or outdoor on location sessions available. Try us out for free, click here for aAlbuquerque city residents have two options for disposing of deceased pets. Animal Welfare Department excepts all cats or dogs and any animals that weigh less than 50 pounds.