Oct 12, 2016 - Score a nice deal on pet food and supplies at Amazon

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Cohen wanted to revolutionize the way people shopped for pet supplies in the same way Amazon and Netflix did for the media industry. Chewy(dot)com promises a lot, but they’re best known for their 24/7/365 service and super-fast shipping. They also give you free shipping on orders over $49.
Amazon said it hopes the new supplies help the pets find their “fur-ever homes,” according to a news release.
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A little more than three years ago kicked off its first venture capital fundraising meeting. As we were about to sit down and properly introduce ourselves, one of the senior VC partners looked us dead in the face and said, "What about Amazon?"

It was the same question asked of us at every single fundraising meeting there on out. And our answer always remained the same: "Just because Amazon sells something doesn't mean we can't."

Amazon is an incredible service (I use it quite frequently). After all, sells just about everything you could possibly purchase. The reality, however, is that the pet-supplies space is a nearly $55 billion industry, with online penetration of less than 4 percent. is one of the leading pet supplements for dogs and cats. But  are the best selling ones on Amazon, with the main ingredients
Photo provided by FlickrA Profitero analysis of the 100 best-selling Pet Supplies products on Amazon in October, 2015 (from our ) revealed the following:
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Another side-effect of the increased urbanization of pet ownership is an increase in medical expenses. Indoor pets tend to live longer and many households now own older cats and dogs requiring more medication for age-related conditions. While Amazon is obviously not able to provide veterinary services, it does supply many over-the-counter medications at a cheaper price.SEATTLE, Wash. – March 9, 2017 — Amazon Inc. announced today that Prime Now customers in the San Francisco Bay Area can now shop tens of thousands of beauty supplies from Peninsula Beauty and pet products from Pet Food Express. Prime members in the East Bay from Hayward to Richmond, including Berkeley and Oakland, can now also shop fresh and healthy grocery products from Sprouts Farmers Market.Leading subcategories:
Pet Health Care Supplies, 30%+ YoY growth. Top seller: Nutramax Dasuquin with MSM Chewables, $10+ million in 2016 sales.
Pet Pest Control Supplies, 40%+ YoY growth. Top seller: Bayer Advantage II Flea Control Treatment for Cats, $15 million in 2016 sales.
To investigate the idea, we audited Amazon’s pet supplies category to find out how industry participants are managing their ecommerce content. Our investigation covered a wide variety of industry participants beyond pet food. Toys, grooming supplies, and aquarium equipment, among other product types, were also included in the audit.We recently did a content audit of randomly selected product pages in the Amazon pet supplies category. The audit included 65 companies and 128 brands. Before going into the details, let’s talk about why pet supply brand managers would be smart to give more attention to ecommerce.Of course, food and treats are not the only products available for your pets. Amazon Dash Buttons also cater to those who frequently purchase basic animal care items, such as kitty litter, training pads for puppies and kittens, and health supplements. Never run out of the essentials again with these pet-friendly Dash Buttons: