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It is puppy and kitten season and Dallas Animal Services is filling up fast. In an effort to keep taking more animals in every day, they are offering a $20 adoption special for all dogs and cats during the month of May.
Adoption Promotions – Dallas Animal Services
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In partnership with Operation Kindness, Galleria Dallas will be hosting dog and cat pet adoptions. This is the perfect time to get a new friend just in time for the holidays.Nov. 25 – Dec. 24; Monday – Saturday: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m., Sunday: noon – 6 p.m.Adoption fees: $135 for cats/kittens and $185 for dogs/puppies. Adoption fees help cover the costs of caring for the animals at Operation Kindness, such as tests, vaccinations, collars/tags, microchipping, spay/neuter surgery, medical procedures, surgeries, rehabilitation and recovery. Dallas Animal Control has dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens for adoption. Adopt a pet in Dallas, OR.
Photo provided by FlickrDo I have to come all the way to Dallas to adopt a pet from your organization?
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Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center provides animal sheltering, care and control services for the City of Dallas. Dogs and cats are evaluated by our staff after their stray hold is over if they have not been reclaimed by their owners. Dogs and cats that are healthy and have good temperaments are moved into our adoption program, space permitting. We always have a large variety of pets available. And when you adopt a shelter pet, you're not only getting a loving, lifelong companion, but you're also saving the life of a precious animal. Please come visit us. Your new best friend is just waiting to meet you!

Local rescue and animal shelters often offer more services than just pet adoption: Dallas organizations dedicated to saving and serving needy animals can provide popular health services at discounted prices, as well. Vaccinations, heartworm and flea treatment, spaying, neutering, and even microchipping are all services commonly administered by shelters. Some shelters may even lead obedience training for particularly young and stubborn — yet still completely fetching — pets.It’s no stretch of the imagination to suggest that animal shelters and rescue organizations are in the non-profit business of saving lives. While approximately as many animals are adopted from shelters as are purchased from commercial breeders, an overpopulation of homeless animals still haunts the Dallas-Fort Worth area. With statistics proving that every unfixed, feral animal is capable of producing at least one litter a year, overpopulation lays a fertile breeding ground for animal shelters to provide much-needed pet adoption services.Gabi Vannini with Dallas Animal Services told CBS “It’s great for the City of Dallas that more dogs are getting off the streets because it’s a major safety and health issue. But, with all of those dogs coming in, we only have a limited amount of space: we need to be getting as many dogs out of here through redemption, rescue, or adoption as we’re bringing in.”Dallas Animal Services was already running a $14 pet adoption special this month, but after 96 more animals were brought in, they decided to wave all adoption fees to help these animals find a home.Dallas Animal Services (DAS) is providing the perfect opportunity to find a furry companion to love. During February, DAS has reduced adoption fees to just $14, including sterilization, microchipping, vaccinations, and a health check-up.