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The purpose of the survey was to determine the current state and preference of animal bedding material use and disposal, whether paper was currently used, and what concerns exist about paper used as animal bedding material.
Commercial Pallets, Wood Fuel Pellets, Landscape Mulch & Animal Bedding
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WoodCarpet® Animal Bedding is an innovative natural stall bedding product for farm animals. It is clean and dry, and it knits together to form a safe, shock absorbent bed that delivers reliable, reusable performance longer than competing products. Best of all, because it’s made from recycled materials, our product is good for the environment and for your budget, too. Save moneyDry Den is a less expensive animal bedding option than shavings or straw.
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Photo provided by FlickrCommercial Pallets, Wood Fuel Pellets, Landscape Mulch & Animal Bedding
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Our Alternative Animal Bedding is a product of Recycled Paper. The utmost care is taken to obtain a material of certain moisture and fiber content.As a leader in the animal bedding industry, Guardian Horse Bedding is always working on ways to improve our existing product line and in development of new products that provide health and financial benefit to our customers and their animals. While others have attempted to mirror our animal bedding products you can rest assured that we are always several steps ahead of our competitors in development and innovation of new products and marketing programs to provide support to our farms, retailers and their customers. We welcome requests, recommendations, input and anecdotes from our customers and hope you will communicate your thoughts to us at any time.Our Alternative Animal Bedding is a product of Recycled Paper. The utmost care is taken to obtain a material of certain moisture and fiber content.Airlite USA Animal Bedding is the #1 manufacturer of animal bedding made of recycled unused corrugated cardboard. Our current customer base is made up of Horse Farms, Horse Shows, Alpaca Farms, Alpaca Shows, Guinea Pig Breeders, Hamster Breeders, Multiple Zoos and Veterinary Schools throughout the United States. Our products have become overwhelmingly accepted in the marketplace due to the simple facts; our products are healthier for our clients’ uses and provide a cleaner faster way to dispose of the waste animals produce.

Due to the demand for our product and the challenges it creates for distribution, we are seeking to establish new distribution channels throughout the United States, primarily through local feed stores and / or pet stores. Through this partnership store owners will enjoy significant sales margins and leads which come to us directly. In addition, we are making significant investments in our brand recognition in the marketplace, which in turn will create additional sales opportunities for our business partners. Only a limited number of partners will be selected to participate in this relationship.

If you are interested in exploring this opportunity further, please contact us directly at . Browse through our website to learn more about AirliteUSA and our products.

Guardian Horse Bedding is a product of Equustock, LLC and Equustock Canada, LLC. (Read more about Guardian ). We manufacture our horse bedding products in Canada and the U.S. As owners of Equustock, LLC we are also horse and farm owners, and have been providing horse bedding to customers in North America for many years. During this time, extensive research in our own equestrian facilities and other test facility horse stalls throughout the country has led us to the pine bedding products we are proud to manufacture today. Through research of animal bedding manufacturing methods and extensive field testing, Equustock, LLC has developed four premium bedding products: , , , and wood shavings. Additionally, our new product line includes Guardian Angel small animal litter. You can visit our Guardian Angel website at .Finding a good farrier, good hay, good horse bedding and reducing your barn costs are at the top of the list. While we may not find you a good farrier, we can provide top quality animal bedding and reduce your barn costs on both sides of the horse bedding coin. Because you use so much less horse bedding when using Guardian Horse Bedding pellets or Swift Pick Pine Shavings, you can reduce your bedding costs by up to 50% over traditional flake shavings or straw. Additionally, we will reduce your manure pile disposal by up to 50% as well. Whether you pay for manure removal or pay someone to spread it on your fields, with a disposal reduction of 30—50% you will save even more!

Guardian Horse Bedding is specifically manufactured to reduce your bedding consumption and manure pile disposal. With many counties and states having passed or proposed legislation to reduce manure waste disposal, this issue is in the forefront of the concerns shared by horse facility owners. Some of these proposals require reduction of disposal or herd within a period of a few years. None of us want to reduce our herd to satisfy government regulations, so let’s reduce our disposal.

The siftable particle of Guardian horse bedding products combined with the highly absorbent pine fiber together perform to reduce the manure pile as well as your bedding consumption. You will immediately see the change when you clean your first stall. Guardian Horse Bedding will sift so easily, you will not throw good bedding away with the manure. The urine will be absorbed quickly and will waste much less bedding. The wet spot will actually clump or pancake much like a kitty litter. This means additional savings.