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Canine Boarding Rates (per night/per dog):.
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Special needs animals such as diabetics, seizure watch animals, and multiple chronic issues with medication administrations will require "boarding under the hospital medical supervision" and a previous medical history about their condition. These cases must be scheduled and seen in by one of our veterinary technician staff members. Boarding will be charged at a different rate, 'boarding under medical supervision' is charged out at 40.00 per night. All current medical history and medications must be present at intake, please allow 15 to 20 minutes for this to happen, ideally we should schedule these special admits before the day of arrival, a signed estimate and permission to treat will be required and your pet will not be allowed in group activities.
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We believe that boarding should be much more than "warehousing" pets, so our daily rate includes not just food and sleeping quarters, but also the costs associated with interacting with your pet throughout the day - bringing them to our huge outdoor playyards for 5-7 hours per day of socialized playtime, finding compatible canine friends, etc. - in order to provide a fun, stimulating and safe vacation! Meals and a complimentary bath (with 3 night stay) are also included! Pets DO NOT sit alone in cages all day at Little River!

- Standard rooms feature ceramic tile floors and freshly laundered bedding. When not out playing in the yards, guest have an individual indoor sleeping area. Standard rooms are available at the following rates: Greenwood, Indiana Pet Boarding Rates | Academy Animal
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Photo provided by FlickrRates. Find affordable boarding rates at Las Gaviotas Pet Hotel. We itemize our rates by the size of the animal and the additional services requested.
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Many boarding centers leave their canine guests in crates for most of their stay with little time for play. We realize that dogs are social animals; that’s why we set aside 10 hours a day for play plus additional night play for our overnight guests. Our trained team makes every effort to ensure your dog is as comfortable and happy as possible during their stay. We encourage our customers to bring their dog’s own bedding and food.Pet boarding rates vary from animal to animal and we include boarding for dogs, cats, kittens, and birds. Special Puppy Package is required if you want to board a dog younger than 16 weeks. Call us for promotional packages on extended-vacation rates and long-term animal care.

Howllywood Pet Grooming & Boarding is always here to help solve your pet boarding problems, so don't hesitate to call.Boarding rates include: Daily daycare playtime (9 to 10 hours each day), feeding (food supplied by you), administering medications, and personal time with a resort companion. These services are included at no additional charge (a $30+ value!).