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Animal bowls by Hella Jongerius for Nymphenburg. Click to see a larger image.
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JV: Washing pet bowls by hand can leave some germs behind. To sanitize high heat is required or you can disinfect with an EPA-registered disinfectant like Clorox® Bleach. Water hot enough to sanitize would burn your hands, so when we hand wash dishes at lower temperatures than a dishwasher, this can leave behind germs like Salmonella and E. coli. () Even then, it’s possible that even dishwashers can leave behind bacteria. ()
Smooth transaction, fast delivery, mint Hitokoto Animal Bowls (Cat): AAA+++!!!
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Fortex Rubber Bowls are 100% rubber composition bowls that are great for small-medium animals also resistant to cracking and cold weather. Black only. Farm Animal Bowls
Photo provided by FlickrFortex bowls are great for pets and small - medium animals. 100% rubber composition makes it extremely resistant to cracking and cold weather.
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The third graders have been busy researching a chosen animal as part of their science curriculum. These animals were the inspiration for our ceramic bowl project. The bowls were shaped using a clay slab and a paper mold. The animal names were then stamped into the rim of the bowl before they were bisque fired. The glazes were applied, then wiped clean, leaving color only on the letters. The last step was drawing and painting the image of the animal with glazes. These pieces of art are both beautiful and functional!The Humane Society of Huron Valley understands that financial difficulty often means making a list of priorities. Frequently, animals are forced to be low on that list. HSHV's Bountiful Bowls pet food assistance program helps Washtenaw County and Plymouth residents who are having difficulty meeting the nutritional needs of their dog or cat due to financial burden.Flat-sided 3 oz crock is the perfect solution for small animal cages with high plastic-bottomed cage pans. Attaches to cage pan with heavy-duty adhesive. Quick-lock bracket releases crock easily for cleaning and filling. Mounts lower on cage than wire-mount bowls. We love Mason Cash bowls: Lightweight, durable, and chip-resistant earthenware bowls. Practical and forever useful for baking, this easy-to-grip set brightens up your kitchen with a playful embossed animal pattern featuring owls, foxes, hedgehogs, and rabbits. This set of three small bowls features a different animal decorating each one: a bunny against a pink background, a monkey against golden yellow, and a pig on periwinkle. Each bowl also has the animal inside, so you can slowly reveal their happy faces as you enjoy your meal.These eight impressive pieces combine grace and originality. The true-to-life animal figures are adorned with different traditional Nymphenburg patterns so that these beautiful animal bowls from Nymphenburg form exciting contemporary porcelain art that still shows pride in its heritage.