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Whether you require a solar-powered, movable corral or a high-powered energizer to cover several miles of multi-wire fencing, we've got you covered. We're the Upper Valley's home for electric fence supplies and we proudly carry products from Gallagher Animal Management Systems, among others. In addition to a huge assortment of energizers designed for every situation, we carry a variety of posts, insulators, steel wire and poly wire or tape, ground rods, replacement batteries, fence testers, and all the other supplies you'll need to get your fence done right. And with many years of experience with electric fencing, we can provide the expertise to answer questions and help you find the right fencing solutions.
Fences are not the only thing we stock to keep your animals healthy. Check out our range of veterinary products and other animal supplies.
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There is a vast flexibility of materials for physical fences such as: mesh wire, with many different designs, knots and tensile strength; boards, which can be made from many materials in addition to wood for strength, visibility and appearance; barbed (not for equine) or smooth wire, also with many tensile strengths, durability and visibility and can be electrified or not; treated or untreated posts of various materials and strength; and a variety of accessories. Fencing supplies are continuously improving as new technologies arise. These materials are often less expensive and have more durability and longevity compared to conventional materials. A fence supplier can often offer valuable information regarding the material best suited for the particular fence. Particular materials of fencing may be more suitable to certain species of animals. For example, barbed wire is never recommended for equine. Instead, smooth, such as an electric fence. Animal Fencing - Jim's Supply Company, Inc.
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Others ‐ There are many fencing products specifically designed for animals such as alpaca, llama, and rabbits. Check with your local 4‐H club or farmer’s supply about fencing for these animals.