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Animal First Aid Kit includes: Instruction Booklet, Curved Syringe (Feed and apply medication), One Pair Latex Gloves, Eye Dropper, Iodine 4 oz, Syringe 1ml, Insect Sting Wipes, Cold Pack (5 x 7) ,Cotton Swabs, Hot Pack (5 inch X 7), Bottle Styptic Powder (3.5 gr), Eye Wash (4 oz), Digital Flexible Thermometer, Certalyte Tablets (4-Oral fluid replacement for electrolytes), Tweezers (4 inch), Tongue Depressors (2), Roll Coflex Self-adhesive Bandage(1″ x 5 yds), 2 Band-Aids (1 X 3), Scissors (5″), Blanket Wrap, Roll Gauze (4″ x 6 yds).
The items marke with a red asterisk will not be found in other First Aid Kits and are very important for the health of your beloved animal.
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From the company that brought a full line of equine first aid kits to the horse industry fourteen years ago, comes a new line of companion animal pet first aid kits. EquiMedic USA, Inc., the world leader in equine first aid, has developed two sizes of small pet first aid kits under the name, PetMedic USA, Inc. Animal House: First Aid Kits for Pets | FOX31 Denver
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A few years back on one of the colder nights in January my fiance' and I found a small lost pup along the road. After searching high and low for his owner with no luck we decided to take him in as our own. Since then he has been a constant companion to the both of use, tagging along on evening walks, on cross country car rides, and on our weekend hiking excursions in the warmer months of spring and summer. As we like to be outdoors and active, we typically keep a small well packed first aid kit with us to deal with minor injuries and occasional emergencies, and although this kit is well equipped for our needs, it occurred to us a while back that it might not be equipped to meet the needs of our little four legged friend. So we hit the internet, did some research, ordered a book or two, and copied what we thought was useful from commercially produced pet first aid kits to create a kit that we thought would serve the needs of our pet without incorporating a lot of the useless excess that you might find in one of the commercial kits.EquiMedic USA launched in 2003 with four equine first aid kits, creating and dominating the marketplace for emergency equine care since then. With twelve kits now available to horse owners and caretakers, EquiMedic USA also offers a line of disposable mini wound care kits that have been widely used for small companion animals for years now as well. EquiMedic designs and manufactures kits for wholesale and retail sale, and shisp kits all over the world.PetMedic has evolved over the past two years as the Baker family has researched and sourced additional supplies for this smaller version of animal first aid kits. PetMedic USA is presently introducing a small and large version of its companion animal first aid kits in kicking off its new corporate division, PetMedic USA, Inc. Soon to follow will be an extended line of optional companion animal first aid products to augment their kits.There are plenty of pre-stocked first-aid supply kits available in stores, some of which have over , and others with . A homemade first-aid kit for your dog can be just as useful. Whether housed in a shiny red case with a first-aid symbol emblazoned upon it or in a thrift-store handbag, here are the 15 essential items any first-aid kit for your canine should contain.