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the environment and the contamination of human and animal food supplies.
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Given the multitude of factors that contribute to the pathways by which antibiotic use in food animals could pose risks to human health, it is not surprising that a wide variety of methods has been used by researchers in various disciplines to approach the problem. In general, risk assessment models in veterinary medicine emphasize animal health and treatment of diseases in animals, food scientists' studies focus on the safety of human food supplies and the presence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria on food products, clinicians and epidemiologists investigate human outbreaks caused by resistant infections for which animals are identified as primary sources, and molecular biologists examine relationships between resistant strains and the prevalence of specific resistance genes in human and animal bacteria. It is unlikely that any single study will be able to fully and accurately quantify the relationship between antibiotic use in food animals and infections in humans. At best, only crude estimates of the etiologic fraction or “impact fraction” can be made for specific links in the ecologic chain.
Jul 14, 1999 - Animal Agriculture Essential to Ensure Adequate Global Food Supply
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Whether you’re talking about your pet dog named Bobo or the giant feedlots with thousands of cattle you typically see while driving along in rural America, both of the food/feed supplied to these critters are now subject to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), specifically the rule, which covers those involved in the manufacturing, processing, packing, and holding of food for animals. reindeer after unusual Arctic rains cut off the animals' food supply ..
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Sandy Animal Supply carries all forms of the highest quality pet foods such as Dry, Wet or Canned and Frozen Raw Food Diets.Some of our animal products include: – Special Diets Pet Food – Bedding – Cages – Supplements – Leashes and Collars – Toys – Outdoor Pond Fish and Plants.Defects in cloned animals can escape detection but they still present food safety risks. The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) has stated that no method exists to detect subtle health problems in clones (4). Ian Wilmut, lead scientist responsible for creating Dolly, has warned that even slight imbalances in a clone’s hormone, protein, or fat levels can compromise the safety of its milk or meat (5). FDA claims that defective clones will be removed from the food supply with no explanation of how inspectors intend to identify hidden or subtle defects in clones.The incidences of (BSE) and contamination have brought demands for adoption of traceability and quality assurance systems to manage the animal products supply chain. The dominance of international food retailers has been a key factor in wide use of such systems, even when not demanded by regulations. The rapid growth of supermarkets in developing countries and trade agreements are also driving food safety concerns.Driving forces in food safety and animal health across North America include questions about feed additives, biotechnology, foodborne diseases, links between animal and human diseases, and traceability. Animal health and food safety issues are closely related, yet in some cases require separate strategies. Even if there are similarities in the approaches that address animal diseases and food safety, it is important to recognize that objectives and desired outcomes are often different. Policies and practices meant to protect domestic food supplies and herd/flock health (breeding stock and egg/chick quarantines) may serve as "trade barriers," though they are not intended as such.Holistic, by-product free foods are our specialty. We feature several super premium and premium dog foods from APEX, Precise Pet, Evanger’s, Victor, Diamond, Eagle Pack, Holistic Select, Blue Buffalo, Canidae, Wellness, Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul, Natural Balance, Taste of the Wild, Evo, and Bil-Jac. These dog foods are rated consistently high by the website,