The Perfect Pet Grave Marker or Headstone for Your Little Companion

Engraved Pet memorial stone personalised cat dog animal memorial grave marker
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The loss of a pet is never an easy thing for a family to go through. Some families cope with the loss of an animal by holding a little funeral at home, complete with a gravestone marker for their fallen, furry friend. Pet gravestone markers are easy to make, and there are a variety of ideas you can use to fit your unique animal.
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Upright gravestones are stones that stand upright on a stone base. In general, upright grave markers tend to be more expensive because they are larger, and therefore, require more material to make. has upright grave markers ranging from $300 to over $600. It is possible, however, to find smaller upright headstones for less. has a much smaller upright granite grave marker for $73. Engraved-Pet-memorial-stone-personalised-cat-dog-animal-memorial-grave-marker
Photo provided by FlickrEngraved-Pet-memorial-stone-personalised-cat-dog-animal-memorial-grave-marker
Photo provided by FlickrIn case you have cremated your dear companion and want to bury his ashes then you may opt for a combined grave marker and urn.
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The love that pet owners have for their four legged companions has fueled the demand for more pet marker options. Here are some popular pet grave marker markers available to the general public:Bronze Pet Grave Markers – Consisting of a small cast bronze plaque mounted to a granite base, this type of memorial is very similar to the bronze memorials seen in memorial park cemeteries. They are often manufactured by the same companies who make the bronze markers for people so you can expect excellent quality in the finished product. The personalization is done by means of bronze casting – the lettering and emblems are raised from the surface and polished for a contrasting effect against a darker background. You can usually find several plaque shapes for this type of memorial and the price range is in the $250 to $800 range.Sandblasted Pet Headstones – Usually made from granite, they are available in a variety of natural colors such as pinks, reds, browns and the ever popular gray and black. These markers are engraved by means of sandblasting in which the design and lettering are carved into the granite’s surface with sand and a high pressure air supply. The cost for these is usually in line with baby or infant headstones as they are in the same size category.Our custom river stone pet memorials are truly unique. Expertly handcrafted, deeply engraved pet memorials touch people in a special meaningful way. Whether you order a personalized engraved stone pet marker for yourself or as a gift for someone you care about, our pet memorials will stir the emotions and bring back the memories of those that meant so much to us.Pets are a very important part of our family lives. We provide you with a simple, easy way to show your love for your pet and the special times you shared together. Everlasting beauty describes our natural granite pet grave markers. Available in either a horizontal or vertically composed memorial.
Sample are markers shown in the vertical style. are made in the traditional way the gravemarkers are made for people. Utilizing the method of sandblastingwhich engraves the lettering and design into the surface of thegranite marker, these handsome pet cemetery markers are popular inmany pet cemeteries.