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Have you tossed your animal-hair brushes for synthetic alternatives? Give us your recommendations.
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As for third party Photoshop brushes, yes there are a lot to be found out there. Artist and animator Arron Blais has some excellent (imho) Hair & Fur Photoshop brushes to buy on his website.
Miscellaneous Animal Hair, including badger, rabbit, and tiger, is used in Oriental brush making.
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Brushes are usually devices made of wire or other types of filaments used for cleaning, painting, grooming or used to scratch of the roughness or burrs on a surfaces and a variety of other jobs. Synthetic bristles on brushes are most commonly found. These are usually made out of wire, nylon, polyester or a combination of these materials. Brushes can also be made out of animal hair such as pig, horse, and squirrel fur.

Synthetic brushes are often used because of the relative low costs compare to brushes made of natural animal fur or hair. In painting, the different types of animal hair will often call for a certain type of bristles on the brush. For example, pig or hog hair is more springy and coarse than squirrel fur. It is used mainly for painting with acrylics and oils.

In the manufacturing industry, brushes of all configurations are needed for various jobs. These types of brushes are often made of wire or other very strong filament. Some are shaped with small, thin twisted wire or filaments. Others have the bristles spread in around shape, such as a disk. Others might be shaped into a cylinder or have external or internal spirals, coils, arcs and have varying lengths. Some can be made very small while others will be large in size. Brushes can also be custom made by companies specializing in brushes.

Brushes used for industrial purposes typically use filaments made of standard materials, including nylon, polypropylene, polyester, conductive, natural fibers, stainless steel, brass and mild steel. Applications and use for these types of brushes will vary according to the job needed. They can be used for sealing machinery from debris, removing static electricity, skirting around the bottom of different types of machinery and vehicles, guiding, gears and closing gaps in conveyor systems.

These tools can be made using several methods. Strip brushes are made using a combination of channel sizes, fill material and configurations. They can also be easily customized. Staple set brushes and twisted wired are also common. For more information on synthetic versus animal hair makeup brushes
Photo provided by FlickrMade of: These brushes are made of natural animal hair, often sable, squirrel or goat.
Photo provided by FlickrAnd as you may know, this article is about makeup brushes made without animal hair and therefore are vegan.
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For applications where synthetic filaments are not optimal, Carolina Brush is pleased to offer a selection of animal hair for use in our industrial brushes. Compared to synthetic brush fiber, natural brush bristle burns less easily, offers less electrostatic charge, is biodegradable, skin friendly and has much better resistance to heat than synthetic options. In addition, natural fibers like goat hair are very soft and fine, with the ability to reach places that synthetic fibers wouldn't be able to.Never underestimate the power of a great makeup brush. Whether you're buffing your foundation into your skin or carefully packing shadow onto your lid, your brushes play a big part in how your makeup appears. Some espouse the use of animal hair brushes over synthetic, but are no better than synthetic. Both have their pros and cons when it comes to application, absorption of pigment, and interaction with products. The truth is that your brush type comes down to personal preference and what your looking for in your application.Advantages like these given animal hair brushes a long history of use as well as service in a wide variety of applications, like dusting, forensics, painting, cosmetics, artwork and cleaning. Carolina Brush offers a variety of different animal hair fibers to suit the needs of our customers. Be it OEM replacements or a brush custom built for your specific use, Carolina Brush has a long history of meeting the most challenging requirements with an ongoing commitment to quality and service. Contact us today and we'll be happy to see how we can benefit your business.Lately, the popularity of animal hair makeup brushes has been growing. Tons of popular brands like Too Faced and Morphe carry natural brushes, and while they definitely have their perk, the truth is that synthetic brushes are no less great than their animal hair counterpart. While animal hair and synthetic brushes seem like two simple distinctions, the truth is that for someone just getting started with cosmetics, the plethora of brushes on the market can be overwhelming. Whether it's which basics you're going to need to get started or the difference between a stippling brush and a buffing brush, the world of cosmetic tools can be a bit confusing.Â