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At Ketchum Mfg., we offer pet ID tags that come in a variety of shapes and sizes to match every pet identification need. If you are shopping for a cat, you will find that our smaller animal ID tags or even our will be the perfect fit for your animal. If it's a dog you're looking to identify, try our larger tags or our specialty and .
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Tags may make noise as animals move. A collar-mount tag, either slide-on or riveted-on, flat to a collar's surface, is silent and therefore eliminates the noise. A tag silencer encloses loose tags in a small neoprene pouch or a soft rubbery plastic ring around the edge of a tag and may reduce noise. HID Global contactless RFID tags and transponders help manage and safeguard livestock, pets, lab animals and products in the food supply chain.
Photo provided by FlickrKetchum Manufacturing sells metal ID tags and animal identification tags for cattle, sheep, goats, swine and more! Visit us to view all of our great products.
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Our customers come back again and again for their animal identification tags & livestock identification needs. Whether the customer is a farmer, manufacturer or veterinarian, our durable plastic and metal tags meet and exceed expectations. We specialize in custom made animal and .Injector manufacturers; ID and medical study database operators; and veterinary professionals trust and rely upon HID Global quality. Transponders implanted subcutaneously perform reliably over the long term, minimizing the potential for errors or traumatic tag removal and replacement. HID Global offers sizes to fit any animal, from fish and small mammals, to cats, dogs and horses. For tracking birds, small tags are embeddable in bird rings or bands.
“In most communities, the RTO rate hovers between 10 and 30 percent for dogs,” says Dr. Emily Weiss, vice president of shelter research and development for the . “But personalized ID tags that contain contact information for the owner can help assure lost animals are quickly reunited with their families.”With optional Programming on Demand™ services, HID Global offers secure, fast and flexible delivery of custom-programmed glass tags for animal identification with read-only or read-write capabilities. Offered with flexible volumes and delivery times, this program eliminates for customers the overhead and burden of programming tags before sale and use.Standard units are enclosed in biocompatible glass, making them harmless to animals. An optional parylene coating improves and accelerates tissue adhesion, preventing the movement of subcutaneous implants. HID Glass Tag Ultra units deliver greater RFID tracking read range than any low frequency tags of comparable size.HID Global offers sizes to fit any animal, from fish and small mammals, to cats, dogs and horses. For tracking birds, small tags are embeddable in bird rings or bands. Durable small form factors with best-in-class read range performance has made HID Global’s animal identification transponders a top choice for veterinary professionals.