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I adopted a 4 year old cat from Toronto Animal Services this past winter, and in addition to being the coolest cat that I’ve ever hung out with, she also had a bunch of things done at the shelter basically for free.
At least in Toronto, the pound spays/neuters, gives all shots, checks for diseases, microchips, and included in your adoption fee is also a 1 year license for your animal with the city.
So for $100 not only are you saving a cat (Toronto Animal Services, like most pounds, do euthanize for ridiculous reasons and will surrender animals for research, unfortunately) but you also see amazing value for the money. They’re certainly not for-profit.
One last, cat-related, note. The cat that I adopted from TAS has been the nicest, most friendly (if slightly needy) cat anyone could ever ask to have as a companion. So if you have the mental image of the pound being full of angry cats fresh from the mean streets, that is absolutely not the reality.
Adopt, don’t buy!
With love from Toronto,
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Toronto Animal Services adopted every one of our cats and most rescue groups present were just as successful. In total 570 animals found homes at this event, it surpassed the original goal that was set. Barry (A674731) is available for adoption at the Toronto Animal Services.
Photo provided by FlickrWith out further ado here are the beautiful four-leggers that are available for adoption from Toronto Animal Services – West Region.
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I’m not sure if you’re familiar with an initiative that’s making the rounds on social media called #feedthedeed. It was started by a student at the University of Western Ontario where one student nominates a friend to do a good deed. Once they do it’s posted on Facebook and that person nominates another. My oldest son was home from university last week and he was nominated to Feed the Deed. Being an animal lover (yes he’s a chip of the old blog) he decided to gather supplies (old towels and blankets we had at home) then bought some toys, collars and leashes and head to Toronto Animal Services (TAS) near our home to donate all of these things to the shelter. I accompanied him to the shelter that day and while there I started talking to the staff and I let them know that I was a photographer and if they ever needed pictures taken of their animals I would be more than happy to help them out. They already had a photographer but indicated that TAS West Region was in need of pictures for their adoption page and would I mind coming out one weekend to photograph the animals.Meet Pippi, he belongs to a friend of mine and is a rescue cat from Toronto Animal Services. I remember him from the shelter but this is the first time I have seen him since my friend adopted him…and you know how the story goes. I recently watched him overnight while she was away and thought there must be lots of cats that go to homes as fosters and end up staying. If you are going to fail at something this would be it.There have been many changes taking place at the Toronto Animal Services South location where I volunteer, I will be writing about this in a separate future post, cat adoptions have been on the increase and intake has been on the decrease. During the last few years this has also meant there have been less cats to socialize as the turn around time for adoptions has become much quicker.At the end of the day Saturday Toronto Animal Services adopted 110+ cats and all groups combined adopted a total of 450 animals! Due to the success of the first two days, it was confirmed that we would bring in cats from the city of London Ontario to help find homes for an additional 30 cats on Sunday.