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Please consider adopting from any of the Kansas City area shelters or animal control facilities:
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Kansas City’s current animal shelter is located at 4400 Raytown Road. Duffy and other supporters of Question 3 noted the facility was in need of an upgrade. The new building and facility will also draw millions in private donations.
My man Valentino and his buddies need some more room!  for a new animal shelter for Kansas City! Be sure to vote on April 4th.
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If Question 3 is approved, the city says, it will spend $14 million in bond funds, along with millions in private contributions, on a new animal shelter in Swope Park near the Kansas City Zoo and Lakeside Nature Center. Kansas City animal lovers have been looking for a location to build a new animal shelter, to replace what’s considered to be a .
Photo provided by FlickrNo one, not even critics, doubts that Kansas City’s current animal shelter at 4400 Raytown Road is woefully outdated.
Photo provided by FlickrWe are a municipal animal shelter for the city of North Kansas City, MO.
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The Kansas City, Kansas Animal Services Unit has a mission to balance the health, safety and welfare needs of people and animals within the City of Kansas City, Kansas. The Unified Government of Wyandotte County, Kansas City, Kansas, George Lee Dunn Animal Shelter provides humane care for animals impounded until they are returned or reclaimed by their owner, adopted to a new family, or humanely euthanized.Chain of Hopes primary goal is to alleviate the suffering of abused and neglected animals within the urban core of Kansas City. We rescue, rehabilitate, re-home or transfer homeless or unwanted pets. We provide public education on the proper care and treatment of animals and give shelter animals much needed love and attention. Chain of Hope’s mission is to reduce pet overpopulation by spaying and neutering all pets and encouraging others to do the same. Our ultimate goal is to break the chain of ignorance, break the chain of suffering, and break the chain of unwanted litters.

Chain of Hope assists lower income pet owners with vet care and vet expenses. We’ve had everything from amputated legs and parvo to eyeballs hanging out. There are traumatic injuries and terrible illnesses out there and people with no or very little money. Sometimes, we pay for the medical treatment and return the animal to the home. Sometimes, we will only provide care for the animal if the owner signs it over to Chain of Hope so that we can help it medically and then find it a more responsible home, if needed. We spent over $40,000 on medical in 2014. This is only possible because of our wonderful supporters. We treated a lot of animals, spayed and neutered hundreds and provided humane euthanasia for many.Thank you for visiting Wayside Waifs, Kansas City’s largest no-kill animal shelter and pet adoption campus. Wayside Waifs, Inc. is an independent, 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit humane society and animal welfare organization established in 1944.Paws Crossed is a section 501(c)3 no kill foster-based rescue group based in the Kansas City, Missouri and Johnson County, Kansas metro areas. We are dedicated to rescuing pets left homeless, in high euthanasia shelters, and those in danger of abuse and neglect. We assist pets without regard to age, breed or ease of placement to the extent our finances allow, with the pets in greatest need taking priority. Animals in our care are spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, vaccinated, and provided additional veterinary care as needed. Our animals are placed in foster homes where they wait for placement in a permanent home. Paws Crossed, Inc. strives to place pets in loving and committed permanent homes through a comprehensive adoption process which includes educating prospective adopters about costs and responsibilities associated with bringing a new pet into their home as well as finding a good match for both the pet and the families.