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 Animal Shelter League of Rohnert Park301 J. Rogers LaneRohnert Park CA 94928
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Founded in 2002 by a dedicated group of volunteers, the ASL serves as a fundraising and community outreach auxiliary to the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter.
Write to us at:Rohnert Park Animal Shelter301 J. Rogers LaneRohnert Park, CA 94928
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Meet our Pet of the Week from the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter, Lulu. She is a 9 year old kitty, very sweet. She came in with some skin problems but her coat's much better thanks to a Animal Shelter League of Rohnert Park301 J. Rogers LaneRohnert Park CA 94928
Photo provided by FlickrAnimal Shelter League of Rohnert Park301 J. Rogers LaneRohnert Park CA 94928
Photo provided by FlickrYou can support the Animal Shelter League of Rohnert Park and the animals in the following ways:
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The RPAS is located at 301 J. Roger's Lane, off Redwood Drive in Rohnert Park. It is just south of the Press Democrat building. Hours: Wednesdays 1:00-6:30 pm Thursday - Saturday 1:00-5:30 pm Sunday 1:00-4:30 pm Closed Mondays and Tuesdays (lost animals are still redeemed). Rohnert Park Animal ShelterThe Rohnert Park Animal Shelter is run by the City of Rohnert Park under the direction of the Department of Public Safety. We currently contract with the City of Cotati to provide sheltering services for stray animals and will accept in owner surrenders from their residents as our space allows.License fees are also used to pay for animal services in the community. The City run’s a (very nice, I might say) animal shelter so that the lost pets in Rohnert Park and Cotati have someplace safe to go while waiting to be reclaimed. Running animal services costs a lot and license fees offset some of that expense. It would be nice, and more fair, if all pet owners paid their share instead of the burden falling on those who comply willingly (or have been caught and made to comply). It is estimated that there are approximately 22,500 dogs and cats living in Rohnert Park. If everyone licensed their pets it would cover the costs of all the services, we provide!Learn what being a volunteer at the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter is all about at this informational one-hour orientation. Hear what positions are open and bring your questions. Join a dedicated group of people working together to help the animals in our community!Our “” program, generously funded by the Animal Shelter League of Rohnert Park, offers our residents FREE ID tags and Microchips to assure that every lost pet has a way to be reunited with their worried parents.If we are open, we will do our best to assess the damage; but if our vet isn’t here and the injuries seem significant, the City of Rohnert Park has an agreement with the local emergency hospital – VCA Animal Care Center, 6470 Redwood Drive – to see the stray. The state requires each municipality to have a fund to cover some basic medical expenses for strays (comes out of our animal license fees – another good reason to keep your dogs and cats licensed). Our goal, of course, is to try and have the animal reclaimed by the owner as soon as possible so they can take over the expenses and decision-making. The Animal Care Center has a small blanket amount pre-approved so they can get started on trying to stabilize the animal, but then they have to call either the shelter supervisor or the shift sergeant to get approval for further treatment. That’s where hard decisions and the Animal Shelter League comes in – this local non-profit often funds the extra medical care of needy animals.