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The Ventura County Animal Shelter has just published their Summer Adoption Specials taking place during the months of June through August 2016. Residents of Simi Valley are invited to visit the shelter and adopt a mixed-breed or large breed dog, a delightful feline, and/or rabbits as new family companions. Seniors, who are interested in adopting can visit the Shelter on Senior Sundays. For more information on the Shelter's Summer Adoption Schedule, .
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Please note: At this time Junior Volunteers CANNOT volunteer at the Simi Valley shelter location unless accompanied by their parent volunteer. Pets need homes as Camarillo, Simi Valley animal shelters are full
Photo provided by FlickrThe Simi Valley Animal Shelter is receiving yet another much-needed upgrade
Photo provided by FlickrRenovation brings monthlong closure of Simi Valley animal shelter
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As of this week, VCAS, which operates shelters in Simi Valley and Camarillo, is caring for around 500 cats, dogs, rabbits, horses and other animals in need of homes, said Donna Gillesby, deputy director of the agency.Adoptable pets at the Simi Valley animal shelter have been temporarily moved to Camarillo while the local facility receives a much-needed makeover.The Ventura County Animal Services shelter in Simi Valley is cleared of all the animals and is cleaned up and equipment stored as work is set to begin on an upgrade of the facility.Along with updates to the backyard, improvements inside the Simi Valley shelter will not only benefit the animals but also provide a “good visual” for prospective pet owners, Friedman said.Ventura County Animals Services is running animal adoption specials this summer at its two shelters, Camarillo Animal Shelter at 600 Aviation Drive, and Simi Valler Animal Shelter at 670 W. Los Angeles Ave.Laura Beth Heisen is a longtime animal volunteer. After years of helping in the Los Angeles animal shelters, she's come to Simi Valley to lend a hand. She said the Simi shelter is well-run.Donna Gillesby wants to find them all homes for the holidays, "them" being the cats, dogs and rabbits lodged at the Simi Valley animal shelter.As of about 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, the Camarillo and Simi Valley shelters were at capacity, said Randy Friedman, Animal Services' marketing manager. And two more dogs were dropped off Thursday afternoon, he said.