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Puppies and Kittens
Puppies and kittens are being offered to people by companies that claim to be our company (or one of many legitimate pet shipping companies). Very often these puppies or kittens do not exist. When purchasing a puppy or kitten, please make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate company.
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Animals Away has been shipping animals and providing pet transport services worldwide since 1992. At Animals Away, all of our pet shipping services are provided by our industry leading team of professionals who have over 50 years of combined industry expertise in dog shipping and pet shipping door to door worldwide. Because our domestic and international pet transport coordinators have been at the forefront of the pet shipping industry for over two decades, Animals Away was featured on Nat Geo Wild’s “We Move Animals.” Animals Away proudly remains the only in the entire world with this distinction to date. We are dedicated to satisfying all of our clients’ particular pet shipping needs. Animals Away has developed a world renowned reputation for convenience, reliability, and competence when it comes to handling our clients and their pets. What distinguishes Animals Away from other pet transport companies is our ability to combine stellar customer service with industry low pricing. Because of our high volume of pet moves, we are able to offer the very best price in the pet transport industry amongst our leading competitors while still providing a personalized pet shipping service that is second to none. Shipping animals is our only business and we take pride in providing an unmatched level of services for all of our clients’ and their precious pets. Whyalla, South Australia Animal Shipping Companies - Reviews - uShip
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As well as pet transport, we also provide specialist private flights,specialty animal transport for a deceased pet and private VIP ground pet shipping services. A small family run business, based in Alabama. Our pet transport company has been inspected and approved as being USDA compliant that is required for all road journeys traveling from state to state. Our vehicles meet and exceed USDA guidelines and we are certified as animal carriers under USDA cert# 64-T-0005. We are not truckers or cargo/freight carriers.Updates - Many professional pet shipping service providers understand why you choose their service rather than a standard freight company. They know how much you care about your pet, and most pet shipping companies on how the journey is going. Who knows, with the right transporter, your pet might even put together a photo album of their road trip vacation. If you cannot arrange for your pet's drop off and pick up, you will need to use the resources of pet shipping companies (pet transporter). These companies can make all of the arrangements, or just the portion of shipping pets that you cannot handle on your own.The Industry Leader - Our longstanding relationships with commercial airlines and our intricate knowledge of the rules and regulations in over 165 countries have made Air Animal the top international animal shipping company in the United States. We know the international marketplace, quarantine issues, blood test and documentation requirements, and the preferred air carriers by destination better than anyone.Airline Partners - Air Animal leverages pet transportation industry relationships and pet moving expertise built over more than 40 years to arrange your pet's move as live animal air cargo on commercial airlines. Pet moves by air are safer and cause less stress than moving your pet in the family car. Like all professional pet shipping companies, we are not a low-cost alternative to arranging your own move, nor do we own the planes.When you are thinking about international shipping, you can consider the following ways to deliver your load to your required destination. Consider the options of air, sea and land shipping and transport. The competent international shipping companies listed on the website will help you to choose the best way to deliver your goods to its final destination.