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Mink Blankets Int'l specializes in acrylic mink blankets, commonly referred to as faux fur blankets. Rest assured that every mink blanket that we sell is of the highest quality. This is especially true with our blanket throws and solid colored mink blankets. Talking specifically about our Korean blankets, a nicer Korean mink blanket simply does not exist as our premium Korean mink blankets are made by the Solaron and Golden Bear Companies. A Korean blanket from one of these companies is synonymous with quality. Every mink blanket we sell is made of superior acrylic fiber. We also specialize in hard to find animal blankets, in addition to blanket throws with contemporary designs rarely seen on a blanket throw.
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Animal gift giving and decorating themes include cat throw blankets, embroidered and personalized dog throws with pets name. Safari and wildlife throw blankets, including giraffe, mountain lion throw and elephant blankets. Sea creatures, tropical fish and farm animal throws, chickens and English cockrel. Bird theme throws with colorful shorebirds, flamingo, hummingbird throws. Beautiful butterflies blanket throws. Soft Faux Fur Wild Animal Print Throw Blankets
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Animal Print Soft Fur Dalmation Black/White from @fabricdotcom This soft fur is a short 2mm pile faux fur. It's easy to sew, and great for blankets, throws, costumes, jackets and pillows. Colors include black and white.Sunbeam Microplush Pink Heated Throw | I've been wanting a pink heated blanket for a looong time. they have really nice looking animal print ones as well. Animal print blankets? If you are searching for a nice solution for your house or wherever you want to have it, feel free to browse through all these models that are available on this site. Now the main question would be which one is perfect for you and your family? Minky Cuddle Dalmation Black/White from @fabricdotcom This extremely soft and cuddly fabric has a smooth minky surface with an animal print, 3 mm pile, 380 grams and is perfect for creating stuffed animals, baby accessories, blankets, throws, pillows andMinky Cuddle Classic Mini Stripe Black/Snow from @fabricdotcom This printed minky fabric has an extremely soft 3 mm pile that's perfect for apparel, blankets, throws, pillows and stuffed animals.This massive faux fur blanket/throw is heavy and comfortable to use to cozy up with on a cold day. It also lays beautifully as an accent throw across the sofa or along the bottom of a bed. It is lined beautifully on the back side for comfort to cover up with. The faux fur looks like the real deal and is perfect for the vegan conscience/animal lover to know that no animal was spared to create such a beautiful natural looking 'faux' fur blanket.If you're looking for a unique cabin decor idea, these animal and outdoor themed blankets and throws make fantastic gift items for nature lovers of all ages. Bring the outdoors home by adding these beautiful blankets and throws to your decor.