A lot of animal tombstones out front.

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I am not a vegetarian, but I find those that dislike animals, especially humans that believe they are at the top of the food chain and all else below are there to serve his stomach is nothing more than a heartless living being. Without further ado, here are 12 beautifully crafted quotes for your pet’s tombstone. Remember, death is temporary, memories are forever. burial vault, plot and a granite tombstone with Coconut's photo.
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You don't have to be Stephen King to know pet cemeteries can be disturbing places. Don't blame the pets; blame those who honor their dearly departed animal friends with maudlin memorial markers and over-the-top tombstones.
Some claim that Miss Kitty's tombstone marks the real grave of an Imagineer's pet cat, but cast members insist there are no animal remains in the cemetery. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.The Portuguese engineer created a set of open-source 3D-printed tombstone designs and brought them to his local markets. He put the colorful grave markers, which feature a cutout cross shape, either on or next to animal products like canned meat and butchered tenderloin.If your family has chosen to bury your deceased animal on your property then you may want to consider a final act of love by making your own tombstone or grave marker. First and most importantly if you want to bury your animal within city limits even though it is on your own property, call your city and find out if there are any restrictions. If you live in the country or you have a very small animal there are usually no restrictions. Also, burying a cremated animal usually requires no permission whatsoever. You can still put down a tombstone or grave marker, and plant flowers, some rose bushes, or beautiful flowering plants surrounding it. Pet cemeteries usually do not permit you to put down your own tombstone or grave marker and pet cemeteries are a greater expense.Stephen King made animal graveyards super freaky when he published Pet Semetary in 1983. Many of them are really quite pleasant, however, and you’re unlikely to come across any resurrected corpses while strolling past their tombstones.Tombstones are more commonly used than memorial plaques to mark the burial ground. They are carved stones, usually granite or marble, placed over the burial site. Some tombstones are even carved into crosses, angels, customized emblems, or family seals, but most simply bear engravings of quotations from the Bible or epitaphs commemorating the departed. The tombstone also bears the name of the person buried there and the person's date of birth and death.