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Partners Dog Training School prides itself on training dogs AND owners to be better companions.
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Animal Behavior College is an animal career training school that offers dog training, veterinary assistant, dog grooming and cat training certifications.
Anita Elias is an Instructor/Trainer with Partners Dog Training School.
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Your curriculum and education at the training school should include lectures, reading assignments and practical hands-on experience working with a large number and variety of dogs and/or other animals. The instruction should go on for weeks, not days. Remember, your education will continue throughout your career. State Approved School | CATCH Canine Trainers Academy
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Animal training schools understand what it takes to become a dog trainer with recognized knowledge and good opportunities. In a lot of cases, they even provide instruction related to preparing animals for shows and competitions. And they can also greatly expand your overall expertise in the area of providing general care to our four-legged friends.Most dog trainer certifications are awarded through either a dog training school or a dog trainer organization. A dog training school provides a formalized education in dog training with required testing throughout the process. A dog trainer organization offers certification to individuals who meet their criteria, including a specific amount of professional experience, and pass their examination. Individual dog training schools and dog trainer organizations may set their own educational requirements for certification as this profession is not federally regulated. From an educational standpoint, certifications offered by schools for dog trainers are more substantive than those from trainer organizations.The Anthony Jerone School announces a restructuring of it’s canine
education programs as we maintain our position as the nation’s
premier career school for professional dog trainers
There will now be two programs to more fully satisfy the needs of
students preparing for a future as a canine professional:If you are an individual with professional dog training experience, you can pursue an advanced dog training certification through a dog training school or dog trainer organization. Most of these types of advanced dog training certifications require a predetermined number of hours conducting dog training classes, reference letters from other professional dog trainers, reference letters from animal industry professionals (veterinarians), and other requirements as determined by the individual school or organization. In addition, most advanced certifications require the applicant to have completed a certain number of continuing education units in the dog training field.CEO and Director Steven Appelbaum is a professional dog trainer and animal lover himself. After growing Animal Behavior and Training Associates, Inc. (ABTA), the exclusive provider of dog obedience classes for Petco, Steven built a school for students aspiring to help animals. Steven is a member of the IACP, APDT, HSUS, PIJAC, DWAA and ASPCA.Animal trainers can work as dog trainers, dolphin trainers, horse trainers and exotic animal trainers. Before they can work in these occupations, however, they will have to attend the specific animal training school for the animals that they wish to train later on. And as in any other educational program, the cost of tuition and other fees will always be a prime consideration for those who wish to enroll in these programs.