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Heat It Animal Wheat Bags Australia - microwavable heat therapy packs for pets.
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Cuddly Zoo Animal HeatPack Wheat Bags Tiger

The Cuddly Zoo Tiger has a warm heart and he is made from soft plush fabric filled with specially treated Wheat. Simply warm in a microwave for 60 seconds to help with your aches and pains.

This loveable Tiger is fully microwaveable and just takes for 60 seconds to warm through. Made from soft plush fabric and filled with specially treated wheat, these soft toys are fully compliant with required standards and have proven extremely popular with youngsters.

Cuddly Zoo wheat bags are popular with young and old of all ages and make fantastic gifts. They are also highly collectible and are a wonderful addition to any home.

Cuddly Zoo Animal HeatPack Wheat Bags comforting and soothing for aches and pains.
Pop in microwave for 60 seconds to make snuggly warm!

Size: Approx. 26.7cm (10.5") tall
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hi i have bought the wheat and cotton, can you tell me is it safe to use vanilla pot pourri oil this is also used for oil burners, i am makeing my wheat bags for myself and for christmas presents, many thanks pauline. Young animal eating grains of wheat and maize spilled from hessian cereal bags
Photo provided by FlickrWheat Bran : USD 280,00MT CIF ASW. Meat Bonne Meal : USD 390,00MT CIF ASWP. Wheat Bran Animal Feed. PACKING. In 50kg Bags/Bulk. PAYMENT.
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Products: Certified organic and certified domestic fair trade oilseeds (hemp and flax), pulses (lentils and peas), grains (barley, wheat, spelt, and others) in 2000lb. totes, 50lb. bags, full truckloads, and 25lb. bags for retailer bulk bins