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More importantly, it feels like you're reading a revolutionary book. Right at the beginning, the book states that doctors and vets barely talk to each other, and I have the sneaking suspicion that she's right. This book is written to draw attention to the overlap between animal and human medicine, to encourage more discussion, and to look for ideas and cures outside the realms of the human hospital and into the natural world.
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She confesses to being cloistered from the real world as a top cardiologist & psychiatrist. She points out & admits to the snobbery of the medical community, how the 'top' doctors like neurosurgeons look down on mere vets even though it's tougher to get into vet school. She also correctly points out that vets look down on human doctors since they merely work on one species of animal, one that can usually talk, but similarities between species is all news to her! That's some ivory tower she's been living in. It's scary. animal world medicine hat
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