Report: How People Buy Antibiotics Without Prescription

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It’s crazy that pharmacies inflate the cost to nearly 10 times the price of some of these fish antibiotics. However, you can get them for cheap at any pet store.
I believe you can purchase fish antibiotics online and through pet stores.
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Out of curiosity, Goff wrote, he visited two Washington-area pet superstores to see what was available. In the "fish medication" aisle of both he found a wide variety of antibiotics, including penicillin, tetracycline, erythromycin and sulfa, all of which are commonly prescribed to treat human infections. Because of a legal loophole, fish antibiotics, which are formulated to dissolve in a tank, do not require a veterinarian's prescription, unlike similar medications for cats, dogs and other animals. buy antibiotics at pet store
Photo provided by FlickrEventually, the patient said he bought the antibiotic from a local pet store. He said special forces soldiers often buy pet store medications.
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Perhaps the biggest loophole in the regulation of veterinary drugs is the sale of fish antibiotics in pet stores, according to Brandon Goff, of the Pentagon Clinic in Washington, D.C.Others were less circumspect. "To tell you the truth, I was shocked when I heard about this," said San Diego veterinarian Judy St. Leger, a consultant to Petco, which sells a wide variety of fish antibiotics in its stores and on its Web site. St. Leger said that as a result, the pet industry was reviewing the way it sells antibiotics.Here's a new one: Guy with a bad sinus infection decides to treat it himself. Buys blister packs of penicillin and other antibiotics--not at a drugstore but at a pet store. Takes medicines formulated for fish because such substances don't require a prescription. Gets worse. Breaks down and goes to a clinic. For humans."Until I saw this letter, I never suspected that people other than pet store [personnel] did this," Levy said. Perhaps, he added, doctors should start asking patients whether they have gotten antibiotics "from another source"--like a pet store.In his 1992 book "The Antibiotic Paradox," Stuart B. Levy, a professor of medicine at Tufts University and one of the world's leading experts on the misuse of antibiotics, recounted several examples of pet-store owners who treated themselves with animal antibiotics.If there comes a time when your dog needs an antibiotic, you can order the pills from pet store catalogs. Additionally, you can use antibiotics that might be sitting in your medicine cabinet from the last infection you or a family member might have had. Just be certain that the medicine is not more than a year past expiration.When I was working and worked with animals, I was usually in charge of medicating the animals, so I usually would take what I needed, but I happened to look in pet stores at the different kind of antibiotics for different pets and birds and fish ones are your best luck of finding something OK for humans.... not saying it's safe or there are no risks though!What many new preppers don’t realize is that the fish antibiotics they commonly sell over the counter in pet or aquatic-pet stores is the exact drug found in antibiotics that you’d purchase through your pharmacist with a prescription at often 10x the cost.