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 Replacement Check Valve for your Auto Pet Waterer  Bottle cap with a spring in the middle
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The pet waterer is easy to setup, easy to use and the cats and dog seem to like it. We left the plain water bowl for them while they adjusted, but they now prefer the fresher, moving water in the Pet Oasis. The adjustment period was only one day. The water bottle has a second handle that you can't see in the illustration to make it easier to carry. That's good news, since it weights about 25 lbs completely full. Pet owners who can't comfortably and safely carry this much weight will not be able to use the full capacity of the oasis without help.
I have no idea what function the flapper on the front of the Oasis is for. It may be cosmetic, designed to better match the appearance of the complementary auto pet feeder. However, the design of the feeder has changed since the product photos were taken. The feeder now has a long spout to keep eager paws and tongues out of the auger.
The water bottle is tall, and probably won't fit under most kitchen faucets. It's easier to fill the bottle in a utility sink or with an extendable faucet/sprayer if you're lucky enough to have one.
The unit I received also differed from the picture in another way: the illustration shows an armored power cable, whereas the currently shipping model has an unarmored low-voltage cable connecting the pump to a wall wart transformer as described in the copy. This cord is not quite 6' long, which might limit its location in older houses where outlets aren't as plentiful.
As far as whisper quiet, our Oasis makes about as much noise as a pan of boiling water on the stove. Not too loud, but it does make me check the stove more often.
For our pets and us, the Pet Oasis is a nice combination of the reservoir bottle and recirculating water bowl.
Replacement Check Valve for your Auto Pet Waterer  Bottle cap with a spring in the middle
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Ergo Systems Auto Pet Waterer Check Valve is a cap for the bottle with a spring in the middle to release water.
Photo provided by FlickrThis simple device automatically fills your pets water bowls. Ideal for when you planning a trip and worried your pets might run out of water.
Photo provided by FlickrReplacement Small Bottle for your Auto Pet Waterer Clear bottle to store water Handle on top and side
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I wanted to make an automatic DIY water feeder for my dog's Blu and Whitney. I seen these automatic water feeders in stores and they are just too expensive and they don't hold as much water as I would like them to; so I set out to make my own and this is what I came up with.

First off you'll need a base; something that will hold your water so your cat's or dog's can drink out of; next you will need a base that will hold your five gallon water jug; you will be placing one or two holds in the base that will hold the water jug. Don't put too many holds and don't make them too large; all you need is one or two pin holes; fill up the base that your pets will be drinking the water out of first; next up turn your filled with water five gallon water jug upside down into the base that's going to hold it with the holes in it.

Now your cat's or dog's are free to drink as much water as they like all day long; as they drink the water it will automatically fill up. Your dog's are not going to die of thirst now because they have all the water they need on hand at their demand.

You can refill or clean this DIY automatic water feeder as often as you like. The five gallons of water can easily last two pets depending on their size and how often they drink water for two weeks or more.

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Automatic water feeder hack
keep your pets hydrated at all times
your cat's and dog's will love this
easy to make; easy to use and your will have peace of mind knowing that your pet's will have water at all timesWhether you care for the family pet or a pack of Huskies, the Nelson 1200 Automatic Dog Waterer is ideal for dog lovers, humane societies, animal control facilities, boarding kennels, veterinary clinics, zoos, farm and home.