Baby bunnies Rabbits are not low-cost pets

Sexing, pregnancy and breeding your pet rabbit as well as caring for baby rabbits.
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However, to ensure the little bunny’s best chance for survival, the best action you can take is to leave it alone. It is important to note that wild baby rabbits are not suitable pets and should not be thought of as such.
Baby bunnies and baby bunny pictures are courtesy of my best pet rabbit ever, Grace.
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Additionally, baby rabbits are notoriously hard to sex. Rabbits bought from a backyard breeder, pet store, or an accidental litter will most likely be mis-sexed regardless of claim of experience. If you have more than one unfixed rabbit, you may end up with babies unexpectedly if they interact with each other. It only takes once as rabbits are induced ovulators, and females can have litters as early as 2.5 months. Mothers can also be impregnated immediately after the birth of a litter. If you have two baby rabbits, keep them separate until both have been . pregnancy and breeding your pet rabbit as well as caring for baby rabbits.
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Photo provided by FlickrStop the sale of baby rabbits that orginate from breeders (bunny mills) at PetSupermarket.
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This disconnect appears to drive impulse pet rabbit purchases, says Anne Martin, executive director of the , the largest rabbit rescue organization in the U.S. Because many people think they’re short-lived, low maintenance, cage-bound animals, rabbits are seen as “starter pets,” akin to hamsters or goldfish, perfect for kids. This misconception may help drive a glut of baby bunny sales ahead of Easter—and a subsequent rise in rabbit abandonments.Pet stores and bunny dealers often buy rabbits when they’re only 4 weeks old because they take up less space and look so cute. But bunnies that young shouldn’t be away from their moms. Can you imagine being taken away from your mom as a baby and sold to a stranger? are miserable places for animals, and if you buy from them, you’re supporting a cruel business that treats animals like products.It’s not just pet stores. Farm stores, 4-H clubs, backyard breeders, and Facebook and Craigslist users across the country advertise baby bunnies ahead of the Easter season. Suzanne Holtz, director of Illinois-based , says these sellers can be even more problematic than pet stores because the rabbits often have a misplaced “halo of rescue” about them. Her shelter will get calls from people looking to surrender a bunny they “saved” from Craigslist, where selling animals is ostensibly banned.Remember, if the routine gets too difficult, you will begin to look at your rabbit as just one more mess-maker. We had Vic's cage for some time in the kids' room, but this didn't work out since he often thumped at night and woke the kids up, who woke us up (so much for consideration, huh?). Also, without daily vacuuming, the rabbit hairs went all over the room and made the kids sneeze. Now the cage is downstairs in an area without any fabric or carpet and is much easier to maintain. Vic has access to our entire house, and this is mostly because of his impeccable personal habits. If he tended to leave markings all over, we would have to limit his running area. (It's somewhat disconcerting to see a nine-month-old baby with a few rabbit nuggets stuffed inside his drooling mouth). His litterbox, as well as his food dish and water bottle, are inside his cage, and the kids generally don't mess with them.House Rabbit Society volunteers get countless calls from well-meaning people who find "orphans" or "abandoned baby rabbits" behind the shed or in a nearby field. Unknowingly they break up families and separate mother rabbits from their babies in an effort to "save" them. Also, we often hear from concerned owners, who don't know that rabbits only nurse once a day, that their pet rabbit is not feeding her newborn litter. We usually reply with the question, "How do you know? Do you stay up all night and watch?"Cute baby Flemish Giant bunny rabbits eating lettuce.
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