Newly hatched baby turtles about to be shipped and sold as pets.

Baby's Salmonella Infection Tied to Family's Small Pet Turtle, Says CDC
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Interesting article thanks for sharing. I'm a first time turtle owner who ended up with a baby box turtle found in our backyard. The day I found him I spent all day reading everything I could and took a lot of notes. Yes, raising them is very complicated and not for someone who is in it half-heartedly, but I think they make a great pet if you're willing to put in the effort required to care for them.
July 9, 2007 -- A baby girl in Florida died in March of  infectionlinked to her family's small pet turtle, the CDC reports.
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Salmonella spp. cause an estimated 1.2 million human illnesses, 23,000 hospitalizations, and 450 deaths each year in the United States (). Infections are usually acquired through direct or indirect exposure to contaminated food or animals that carry Salmonella, including turtles and other reptiles (,). Most of these infections are foodborne, although an estimated 11% of Salmonella enterica infections were recently attributed to animal exposure (). Exposure to small turtles () has been recognized as a source of human salmonellosis in the United States since the 1960s, when small baby turtles first became a popular pet (). By the early 1970s, ≈15 million turtle hatchlings were sold annually in the United States, 4% of all US households owned at least 1 pet turtle at a given time, and 14% of human salmonellosis cases were attributed to exposure to small pet turtles (). In 1975, to prevent turtle-associated salmonellosis among children, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) enacted a ban prohibiting the intra- and interstate sale and distribution of turtles with a shell length of –). The federal ban was effective, preventing an estimated 100,000 cases of turtle-associated salmonellosis in children each year after its enactment (). By the late 1990s, only 6% of sporadic Salmonella spp. infections in the United States were attributed to reptile and amphibian contact (). However, the regulation allows for small turtles to be distributed for bona fide scientific and exhibition purposes and for educational purposes other than use as pets. People think the baby turtles would make a cute pet for their kids. But video taken during state raids show a different story.
Photo provided by FlickrNewly hatched baby turtles just coming out there shells about to be shipped and sold as pets. did you see the two headed turtle.
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Katrina Smith, adoptions coordinator for the Mid-Atlantic Turtle & Tortoise Society, said every time the Ninja Turtles jump-kick their way back into the national spotlight, children, looking for a little Leonardo of their own, are given baby turtles as gifts or pets, without being prepared for the responsibilities associated with them.Baby turtles are about as cute as they get, but before taking one home as a pet it is important to carefully consider their captive care requirements. They are long-lived animals, often reaching 50 years or more of age. They also grow quickly and within a year will need a large aquarium. Unfortunately, most often people find themselves with a baby turtle that was irresponsibly sold or given to them without thought for the animal’s long-term well-being or what it needs and will need to live a healthy life in captivity.You might want at some time to breed your turtles. Or you will buy a baby turtle. In both cases you must know some important baby turtle care facts that will help you in healthy growing them. If one decides to get a baby turtle, in the majority of cases he will go to a pet store and will choose the qutest little green turtle that he sees. but pleaser have in mind that a baby turtle it's a little more delicate that a mature turtle so there are specific turtle care aspects that you mustn't forget. Anyway, if you decide to have a baby turtle please take good care of it, try to follow all the recommendation because at that age the turtles are very demanding and helpless.Children are fascinated with small pets. The parents hesitate to buy them a new baby turtle. The parents give in and buy their children this new pet. Hoping that their children will learn responsibility. Everything goes well for a couple of weeks. But you notice things are changing. The children are ‘slacking off’ in their responsibilities. You find yourself doing all the chores. Cleaning the tank, feeding, etc. This goes on for awhile but now you are tired of taking care of this little pet. You debate on what to do…