Banfield Pet Hospital Relocating Corporate Headquarters

Banfield Pet Hospital Headquarters Earns LEED Platinum Certification
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I contacted PetsMart corporate office and they made it abundantly clear that "Banfield is independent from us". Really? If so, then why do have to wait for Petsmart to open their doors before I can gain access to Banfield Pet Hospital?
Banfield Pet Hospital Corporate Offices is one of 139 Veterinary Clinics & Hospitals in Portland, OR 97213
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June 12--The new corporate headquarters for Banfield Pet Hospital is twice the size of the event center at the Clark County Fairgrounds, consumes only half the energy of a typical office building, and is immeasurably more dog-friendly than just about any other workplace. Consumer complaints and reviews about Banfield Animal Hospital Corporate offices & Clinic in Culver City, California. Breach of Contract. Animal/Pet Hospitals.
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Photo provided by FlickrBanfield Pet Hospital Corporate Office: I am writing this letter to dispute charges I have been billed for services to my dog Mickey on ______
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The new corporate headquarters for Banfield Pet Hospital is not only the most dog-friendly office in town, it also only requires half the energy of a typical office of its size. The LEED Platinum certified building was designed as a contemporary and dynamic workspace for over 600 corporate employees.I'm so unhappy with my care, my puppy, received at Banfield the Pet Hospital. This is the second complaint I've made within the past 2 ½ years. My first was about my Rott Titan, I wrote a complaint the Banfield corporate office. My Rott went in be altered. A few days later I had to bring him back to Banfield, my Rott was running a fever and where he had his surgery, it was infected and the stitches came apart. My Rott was given medicine and was put in a ridiculous wrap around his backside. I sent the pictures when I made this complaint 2 ½ years ago. He got worst, I ended up taking him to a Vet hospital, my Rott wasn't able to urinate because the wrap was so tight (24 hours before he relieved himself), the infection was worst. I had to leave him at the hospital for a few hours for them to fix what Banfield did to him.Note: This is not to be used to contact Banfield Pet Hospital Corporate Offices nor is this site affiliated with them in any way. The purpose of this site is supply you with their phone number and address as well as share your thoughts about Banfield Pet Hospital. Your review will be posted and available for anyone to read so please keep that in mind when posting personal information.Second, I have had pets for 17 years and I have never taken any animal to any vet for a well check appointment and been charged $82.95 to just look the animal over, nor do I know anyone else who has had a fee even close to this amount! This didn't include any tests, meds, nothing at all, but looking at her as I mentioned above. When I contacted Banfield Corporate office, they just refer everything back to the actual hospital location and back to the same unhelpful office manager. When I contacted their advocate team, the office manager received the email and informed me that it all defaults back to her (which she seemed to enjoy this fact). In other words, there is nothing I can do for these ridiculous charges and the only one you can work with is the in-hospital unhelpful office manager.