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Insurance can be helpful in the event of an unforseen tragedy. Banfield, the pet hospital, however is a practice based on the principles of preventitive healthcare. Thats why we developed Optimum Wellness Plans.
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Just to clarify, Banfield Wellness Plans are not insurance. Unlike insurance, our Wellness Plans are preventative services Pets need throughout the year, packaged together at a highly discounted price and with the convenience of a 12-month financing option. Banfield Optimum Wellness Plans are cat and dog health plans designed to help you ..
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My India Bleu passed away on June the 17th. I called up the Wellness Plan to cancel the insurance. I was told that I owed 900.00 on the plan. I informed them that India Bleu didn't even use all the services on the plan and I had spent close to 3000.00. They in return told my their records showed I only spent 200.00. I was told I would have to call Banfield, which I did. I'm still waiting for a return phone call, I'm not surprised by this considering that when India Bleu's condition was noted as guarded I could not get a return phone call the vets treating her. I am not going to have to close my bank account to keep them from collecting on a plan that was not used. If I could give them a negative rating I would. If you love your pets stay away from Banfield Animal Hospital and their Wellness Plans.When I brought my kittens in to get their spay and neuter the veterinarian there gave them a special flea treatment prior to the surgery because he said that he found a flea on one of them; but he did so without my consent, and nowhere in any of the surgery prep paper work was there even a hint that this treatment may be necessary. I was also not verbally warned either. When the bill came to charge me for it (as a surprise to me of course) I told them I refuse to pay for something they didn't get my consent for in the first place. The meeting ended with me under the assumption that my valid complaint had successfully waived these fees. I continued to bring my pets there and paid their health insurance directly from my bank account monthly. However, I just received a letter in the mail from a third party debt collector for the amount of the flea treatments because Banfield Pet Hospital has reported me for non-payment!!!!!!I have been trying since August to Cancel our Banfield Pet Insurance when I discovered that there was not Banfield hospital near us. We moved to an area that was over 200 miles from the nearest Banfield Pet Hospital in April. We were not given an alternative and I could not see traveling that far to visit a vet when there were vets in our area just not Banfield. Banfield Pet Hospital offers quality care often termed as " Banfield Pet Insurance " Latest Prices: Early Care Prices: One Time Membership Fee: $39.99. Monthl.After four months I received a call from a collection agency saying that I have a debt with Banfield Hospital of $311.46. I couldn't believe it. I paid it and call Banfield Hospital, and as per them they couldn't collect the monthly payment of my pet insurance because the bank has denied the payment. I called the bank and it was not true. They never call me or even sent notifications about this. I end up paying the insurance for the whole year and because they couldn't not collect the monthly insurance payment, they cancel the account. They never gave me a contract, everything was done through the phone. DO NOT GET THIS INSURANCE FOR YOUR PET, AND IF YOU DO, TELL THEM TO GIVE A CONTRACT. THIS INSURANCE DOES NOT COVER MUCH FOR YOUR PET, YOU ARE BETTER OFF TAKING YOUR PET TO A PRIVATE VET. THEY ARE OVERCHARGING.This is actually the link that shows you all about the Banfield “pet insurance.” It seems as if Banfield refers to insurance as an optimum wellness plan, because even in reference to our human insurance, its still a plan designed to keep us well. Just like “insurance” this plan is designed to help us live longer, give us recommended comprehensive care at an affordable price, savings on prescription medicines, and the ability to use our insurance at many different providers.