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The search for a dog that escaped from a North Texas Banfield Pet Hospital has ended in tragedy.
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Who in their right mind would leave their dog caged up all day just to get a shot that takes... (again) 30 seconds at most to administer???? These people have no concept of logic. How would they like to be kept in a cage all day long for something that takes 30 seconds? Since I am writing this, here's a little more - the Downingtown, PA facility is filthy. While WAITING in the examination room we took a look around, the floors are filthy, grungy filthy. A previous vet that we had mopped the floors between customers, but then that was a REAL Veterinarian that we had before moving. And the money that Banfield claims to be saving you by having their "insurance plan", it's a big ripoff. READERS - Choose your veterinarian provider carefully. There are lots of viable options for very good quality pet care. I have not found Banfield to be one of them.
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I purchased a kitten on a farm and attempted to save her life. She was neglected by the owner, and he needed to get rid of her so she wouldn't freeze to death. It was freezing outside, where the litter resided; in a cold barn. We brought her home, and took her to PetSmart, and they insisted that I sign an agreement to have funds drafted out of my account. The cat had a severe ear infection, and she eventually died. I finally contacted Banfield Pet Hospital to tell them that I needed to cancel my contract since the cat died. They told me that I will still have to make payments in April, 02 2017 until January, of 2018. How Heartless! NBC reached out to Banfield Pet Hospital's corporate offices for comment Monday and received this statement in response:
Photo provided by FlickrFor three days, the Rodriquez family searched for Chewbacca, along with associates from Banfield Pet Hospital and a search-and-rescue K9 team.
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When you join Banfield, you’re joining a practice of diverse individuals and pet health care experts. We are all devoted to making a difference in the lives of pets and the clients we serve, while advancing the future of veterinary medicine. See what we’re all about.
Someone stepped on my little dog's foot and injured it enough to make it bleed and make it impossible for her to walk on it. She was in extreme distress. I called Banfield, to whom we have paid approximately $400 a year over many years for the 'optimum wellness plan' services, at 5:00 pm. They told me they were too busy to see her before closing at 7:00 and that I should take her to the pet emergency clinic in my area. I insisted that they see her, and took her there. After a cursory examination of her paw, she was sent home with ** and another appointment 4 days later, as they couldn't fit her in before that. She spent the next 4 days in extreme pain, still unable to walk on her paw, and then we returned. Because they had scheduled the appointment for late in the day, they didn't wish to perform any X-rays at that time so gave her more pain meds and made another appointment for her the next day.Banfield employs talented paraprofessionals all over the country. Both veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants support our veterinarians in ensuring quality care and maximizing their productivity. Veterinary technicians/assistants maintain medical charts, complete preparatory procedures for veterinarians and ensure that pets and their families are comfortable in the hospital.I bought the insurance for my kitten, it ended up having a stomach disorder and I was grateful to have it. When my son came home from college the kitten escaped and was run over by a car. I had explained this to Banfield, they also said it was a contract and I as obligated to continue to pay for the insurance. Really??? That does not make sense to me. Does that make sense to anyone else? I asked if I could transfer the insurance to another pet and they said no. I have since been in collections, that was the fall of 2011. What a bunch of bologna. I will never use them again nor would I recommend anyone else. It is like extortion or the Mafia. I wont even shop at Petsmart either.