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Banfield pet insurance review, compare dog & cat insurance plans in the us & canada.
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Banfield is not an insurance company, but a membership plan that offers wellness benefits. Members must go to Banfield pet hospitals, which are located within PetSmart stores throughout the United States.
Apr 25, 2016 - In your pet health insurance search you may have come across Banfield
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Banfield also offers a variety of discounts to our associates including Mars, PetSmart, Royal Canin, fitness, cellular, auto and home insurance and education savings. Compare ASPCA Pet Insurance vs. Banfield wellness plan
Photo provided by FlickrWellness plans from Banfield are not the same as pet insurance plans
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Who in their right mind would leave their dog caged up all day just to get a shot that takes... (again) 30 seconds at most to administer???? These people have no concept of logic. How would they like to be kept in a cage all day long for something that takes 30 seconds? Since I am writing this, here's a little more - the Downingtown, PA facility is filthy. While WAITING in the examination room we took a look around, the floors are filthy, grungy filthy. A previous vet that we had mopped the floors between customers, but then that was a REAL Veterinarian that we had before moving. And the money that Banfield claims to be saving you by having their "insurance plan", it's a big ripoff. READERS - Choose your veterinarian provider carefully. There are lots of viable options for very good quality pet care. I have not found Banfield to be one of them.