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Everyone likes bird, bird is most beautiful pet than others, and I am a great bird lover
This channel I will show you about all types of pet birds A –Z step by step videos like behavior , nature wild and domestic life , potential birds food ,team nature ,nesting , team nature , care and breeding time and behavior ,handling/training ,activities , potential problem and disease ,birds care and feeding , maintenance
This video you will show different types of lovebird and parrot and other birds like macaws, African gray ,cockatoos, dove pigeons, small and large parakeets, parrots, cockatiels, lories and lorikeets , fence , JAVA, rosella birds information. You will get so many information about your pet birds, I will upload step by step so please like comment share if this video useful and helpful to you and don’t forget subscribe for more videos
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Their bright colors, beautiful songs, and cheerful personalities have made birds popular pets for hundreds of years. The Humane Society of the United States urges you to consider the following information before you bring a pet bird into your life. Yellow Bird | Beautiful, Pets and Pet birds - Pinterest
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Slightly bigger than a budgie, this is another sweet and beautiful parrot from Australia. Although it is still small with an average adult length of about 7.5 inches long, these birds require taming as they tend to fly around more often. It is recommended that you get a wider cage so that it can have adequate space to fly around. Additionally, spare some time so that you can interact with the bird. The pet bird requires daily cleaning plus a regular supply of fresh vegetables. It has a life span of about 15 years. The amazingly captivating Easter Rosella is sometimes kept as a pet. These birds are desired for their beautifully colored plumage. They are intelligent creatures, which can be trained to whistle a wide repertoire of tunes and may even learn to speak a few words or phrases. It is native to southeast Australia and Tasmania. It has been introduced to New Zealand.The Cockatiel is a beautiful pet bird. The bird will exhibit different behavioral characteristics depending on whether it is male or female. A female tends to be more cuddly and docile and may even lay eggs. On the other hand, the male can be very vocal. They possess a very long tail which makes part of their body and adds to a total of 13 inches long! Thus, they take up a lot of space and require a large cage. They are dusty birds and need to be given a misty bath once or twice a week. Cockatiels require taming and have a life expectancy of 30 years.Pet Birds are impressive, beautiful and colorful. They make wonderful companions who can bond closely with their care takers. You will truly appreciate the intelligent, endearing and sometimes comical qualities of a pet bird. With the right start sharing your life with a pet bird can be a wonderful relationship to be cherished. Both species have endearing behaviors, beautiful colors, and commonly bond deeply with their owners (and their owners with them!). Cockatiels, strongly resembling their large cousins, the cockatoos, are loved by enthusiasts for being among the most affectionate pet birds, and are commonly described as sweet-natured.4. African Grey – Also known as the Grey Parrot, this beautiful bird is found in the rainforests of West and Central Africa. Experts regard it as one of the most intelligent birds in the world. They feed primarily on palm nuts, seeds, fruits, and leafy matter. Their overall gentle nature and their ability to mimic speech have made them popular pets around the world