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Offer your pet a taste test today and shop Petco’s wide selection of the best cat food brands.
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Once you are ready to take your tabby out for a breath of fresh air, head to Petco for a selection of the best cat harnesses for walking your curious kitty.
We've done the homework on dog and cat insurance to find the best options. You'll only see plans that we'd get for our own pets
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Shopping for cat food can be a challenge because there are so many options to choose from. Unless you have a thorough understanding of your cat’s nutritional needs and knowledge of how to read a pet food label, you might find the task a bit overwhelming. You’ll be glad to know, then, that we’re done the hard work for you. We’ve scoured the reviews and taken a deeper look into the best pet food brands on the market to bring you our top five picks for high-quality cat food brands. Top 10 Dog and Cat Health Issues - Pets Best
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In order to select the best cat insurance policy, consider what types of coverage are most important to you. All the companies on this list offer excellent medical coverage for pets, but some of them also offer specialty plans that cater specifically to common cat injuries and illnesses. Others stand out by offering relatively more discounts or customization options. Whether you want wellness coverage for your cat is another thing to consider. The four companies listed here are good places to begin if you’re unsure of what type of policy is best for you and your cat.Not only does Petfirst Healthcare offer some excellent cat health insurance coverage, but they also have one of the best varieties of plans to choose from. Their plans are broken down into two types: Lifetime and Standard. The Lifetime policies have annual limits while the Standard policies have per-incident limits. Every one of these plans comes with several choices for deductibles and copays, which means you shouldn’t have a problem getting a cat insurance policy at a reasonable price. Unlike the first two companies on this list, Petfirst Healthcare doesn’t offer any cat-specific plans. However, by offering solid benefits for all types of cat injuries and illnesses, you can be confident your pet is well protected. Pets Best is one of the best places to get cat health insurance because they offer a special Feline Illness plan on top of their traditional pet insurance policies. This cat-specific plan gives $10,000 of lifetime coverage for a variety of common cat illnesses, including cancer, kidney failure, and diabetes. The Feline Illness plan is a smart choice if you want to purchase some level of protection for your cat but aren’t interested in a standard cat insurance plan. If you’re interested in taking a more traditional route, you can select from one of several accident and illness plans you can easily customize to fit your needs. You can choose from a number of deductible and copay options and add wellness coverage if you’d like. All of these plans cover all sorts of accidents and illnesses, including hereditary and congenital conditions. Petplan USA offers three different cat insurance policies that cover all the basics, such as medical treatment, in addition to extras like reimbursement for a lost or stolen pet. These policies can be customized by changing the amount you pay for your pet’s vet bills and your deductible. Another reason to choose Petplan USA is that they offer some of the best cat insurance discounts in the industry, making it easy to save on your policy. Enrolling online, insuring multiple pets, and insuring a medical services cat can all help lower your monthly premium. Members of certain organizations are also eligible for discounts. Few other companies offer this many ways to save, so you’ll definitely want to consider Petplan USA if you or your cat qualifies for any of these discounts.