The Best Pet Snakes for Kids and Beginners

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Corn Snakes are the best beginner snake for kids because they are easily handled, reluctant to bite, active, colorful, and big enough to be cool but not so big that you’d worry about your child handling his or her pet. Ensuring you have an escape-proof enclosure will be key as Corn Snakes are pretty active. They come in a variety of colors and there are now even scaleless Corn Snakes!
reason we consider them the absolute best pet snakes for kids.
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Red-Tail Boas are great pets for the right person. Te right person, is one who has the ability to observe all interactions between the snake and young children. If you think there will be times when your young kids might be handling the snake when you are not home, there might be more suitable pet snakes out there for you. The average size for an adult Boa is around 8 feet, with some larger females approaching 12 feet. Boas do not get nearly large enough to consume a child, but can still have a very painful bite, and as strong constrictors, could certainly cause harm, if unsupervised. Growth rates vary largely due to feeding frequency etc., but they will grow more rapidly when young, and slow down with age. I would anticipate growth of 12 to 18 inches for the first 2 -3 years, and then slower growth after that. I hope that helps, and wish the best for you and your new pet. 5 Great Beginner Pet Snakes - Reptiles Magazine
Photo provided by Flickr5 Great Pet Snakes. Corn Snake. California Kingsnake. Rosy Boa. Gopher Snake. Ball Python.
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So, are kids capable of keeping pet snakes? This will largely depend on the child’s maturity level and the type of snake you choose. A mature child could probably keep a corn snake healthy without much trouble. But a green tree python would quickly perish under the care of a younger, more immature child. One species is easy to care for, and the other is best left to the advanced keepers. So you have to assess the kid and the pet snake equally. You have to think about the care requirements — the daily and weekly chores — to determine whether or not your child is up for the task.There are just a few types of lizards that make good pets for kids. Of those, leopard geckos and bearded dragons are probably the best. Be aware that most diurnal lizards (i.e. those that are active during the daytime) require access to UVB lighting, in the same way that iguanas do. So, in general, lizards have more complicated lighting requirements than snakes.Yes, snakes. Since this is the Green Iguana Society web site, you were probably thinking more about lizards, but in many respects, certain types of snakes can make better pets for kids and beginning herp enthusiasts. Generally, snakes require less room than lizards and other types of reptiles. They don't require quite so much care - fresh water several times a week, a feeding and bedding change once a week, constant monitoring of temperatures and humidity in their environments, and that's about it. Before anyone interprets that as "snakes are easy-care pets", they're not. No animal is truly easy care. All have their own specific needs and possible problems that owners must be educated about and ready to deal with. But, compared to lizards and turtles/tortoises, snakes tend to be easier - especially for kids. Some snakes, like those discussed below, tolerate handling well and are docile and even-tempered. One thing to note about snakes - they're great escape artists. If you plan to get a snake, be sure to get an enclosure with a locking lid. Enclosures designed especially for snakes, with sliding top or side doors, such as those sold by , are best. Snakes can squeeze through tiny openings, and a top that isn't on right or isn't quite latched tightly enough is all they need to escape.We have a huge tank and been looking for some snakes. i never had one as a pet but just love them. also i have 3 small children age 4 and under. what's the best snake and very calm i can get and would like one that will get around 5 to 7 feet and not too fat. where i can care around with me. but i'm really concerned with its temperament around the kids. what do you sugest best? please help