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We know that high quality, holistic, human-grade food can transform the health of dogs and cats, so we make sure everything in our stores is All The Best. We evaluate every product’s ingredients and sourcing, then test it on our own cats and dogs (and occasionally nibble it ourselves) to make sure it’s the best for your pet.
The Best 10 Pet Stores for 2017 in Chandler, AZ - Yelp
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Despite its location in the oft-swarming Mission, Mission Critter has a breezy layout with plenty of room for shoppers and their pets. Spaciousness is achieved by way of a carefully curated collection of wares that cater mostly to cats and dogs. Small dogs, especially, will feel at home here, where they can represent their favorite team with an ample selection of puppy sportswear repping the Giants, Warriors and Raiders. What keeps neighborhood animal lovers coming back? A staff who’ll remember your pet’s name, and Polka Dog’s chicken jerky, a bestseller that will have your dog on her best behavior. An additional treat is Louise, the store kitty. (Barkers beware: Louise has little patience for nosy hounds; get too close, and she might bat your pup on the nose.) Mission Critter also offers low-cost vaccination clinics and Ask the Expert events, in which professional trainers and behavioralists come in to field your burning questions. The Best 10 Pet Stores for 2017 in Bellevue, WA - Yelp
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Cal’s Pet Supply is tucked into a quiet stretch of Outer Richmond; the shop’s quaint, friendly atmosphere is befitting a 30-year-old neighborhood staple. Antlers, bully sticks, and other natural chew toys are displayed in wicker baskets, and clothing and toys for dogs and cats are laid out to best catch the store’s bright natural light. Additionally, Cal’s offers bulk birdseed, a variety of fish foods, and, for the adventurous, cans of dried crickets for birds and reptiles. The best buy here might be the Pet Odor Exterminator candles, which are enzyme formulated to remove even the most persistent odors, replacing them with sweet scents such as strawberry and lavender-chamomile. Cal’s prices are competitive, and the service is top-notch. Stop by the counter for a treat for your pet and a lollipop for yourself.Pet portraits line the walls in this food and grooming hub in Portrero Hill, and you can expect to swap pet pics with the enthusiastic sales staff. Pawtrero is well stocked with everything from toys to health supplements for dogs and cats, but the main draw is the DIY dog grooming room. The first-come, first-serve bathing stations offer all the accoutrements an amateur groomer could ask for: aprons, shampoos, towels, air dryers, and an assortment of brushes, combs and nail clippers. At $12 a pop with discounts when you buy in bulk, there’s no reason not to keep Spot looking his best. And for those without dogs, consider this bonus of shopping sans pup: Kush, Pawtrero’s amenable kitty, will sidle up for a scratch.Located in cozy Bernal Heights, Bernal Beast is a haven for neighborhood pets. The front window boasts handmade signs advertising everything from chicken feed to animal memorial service consultations; inside, you’ll find ample treats for dogs and cats—the bulk bins offer biscuits by the pound for dogs who have been very good—and a formidable wall of shampoos. Fish tanks glug happily in the back of the store. Goldfish, guppies and other standards are available for purchase on the spot, while rarer (and pricier) breeds can be ordered ahead of time and picked up from the shop. The staff is an excellent resource for conflicted buyers, ready to recommend a neighborhood groomer or help you choose between two brands of pet food. Bring your best friend by the counter on the way out for a complimentary snack.