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The purpose of switching to grain free dog food shouldn’t be just about eliminating grains, in fact some dogs benefit from dog food with grains. Consult your vet to see if a limited ingredient dog food is right for your pup. Establish a balanced nutrition for your dog with your vet and focus on providing the best options for your pet, not just a grain free food label. At Petco, you’ll find a wide variety of grain free dog food containing limited ingredients of the highest quality and in the right proportion, so you can be sure you’re purchasing the best grain free dog food for your dog.
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Wet dog food is a fan favorite among most discernable canine judges. With its strong, pungent and inviting aroma and human food-like texture, who can blame them! The best wet dog food is also available in a wide selection of flavors, that way mealtimes are consistently everything but boring. So if dry kibble just isn’t as appetizing or as easy to chew as it used to be, wet dog food can definitely become a welcomed alternative for most dogs. The airtight lids on canned dog food means you can also count on less preservatives and more of the ingredients your dog needs in their diet. You can also prolong the shelf life of open canned dog food by keeping it sealed with a reusable lid until it’s time to use it up during their following meantime. If you’re still wondering if canned dog food is right for your dog, consider that it has high water content, which means it can be a great option for dogs who aren’t lapping up enough H2O. Wet dog food often also contains more protein and fat than dry kibble, which is something to think about if your pup is deficient in these two vital nutrients. There is a can, tray, cup and tub available for every life stage and formula preference, so you can easily find the best wet dog food for your furry friend. If you haven’t made your mind up yet, go ahead and provide the best of both worlds by adding canned dog food to their dry kibble or simply serve it as an occasional special treat. Find the best canned or wet dog food variety for your pup at Petco. What's the best dog food available at Petco/Petsmart
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Shop for the best dry dog food for your pup at Petco and discover a convenient, economical, and dental health friendly choice for your furry friend. Known for its versatility and long shelf-life, dry or kibble dog food can be served on its own, mixed with wet food, used as training treats and doesn't require refrigeration. Dry dog food is also a favorite amongst many pups because it’s available in many different textures, flavors and kibble sizes that appeal to them. This is great news for pet parents because it means that amongst these different formulas, they are better able to find a dry dog food that can benefit a wide variety of canine needs and health restrictions. Sometimes this large selection can cause confusion when trying to choose the best dry dog food brands and formulas for your pet’s needs. In this case, your vet can often help provide you with accurate guidance, direction and even a few dry dog food recommendations. Consulting your vet can be especially helpful if you suspect your pet needs dry dog food specific to your pup’s age, weight and breed. Some recipes specifically address your dog's age, activity level and breed, which is why the various sources and ingredients in every dry dog food bag are important things to consider. If you suspect that your pup is allergic to wheat or another grain, grain-free or limited-ingredient dry dog food formulas provide your canine with a savory meal that is nutritious and also easily digestible. With similar benefits, natural dry dog food promotes overall health for your precious pooch through natural food sources and ingredients that haven't been exposed to pesticides, growth hormones or antibiotics. In addition to natural and limited-ingredient varieties, there are also holistic dry dog food formulas that contain vitamins, minerals, and extra ingredients. These dry dog foods often include nutrition powerhouses like flaxseed oil, blueberries and acai berries to promote healthy immune systems. Whether your buddy is a playful and adventurous puppy, a cuddly couch potato, or a senior with weak joints, you can feel confident knowing Petco has the best dry dog food brands available to support their overall health and nutrition needs.Shop Petco for the best puppy food products and provide them with the balance of nutrition and flavor that will help keep their tail wagging for many years to come. Just like your newest furry family member, you have a lot to take in when you welcome a pup into your home. Fortunately, Petco has a wealth of information to ease the transition for the both of you. Check feedback from other new pet parents on products by browsing our many puppy food reviews to find the best brands for your dog. Besides checking out puppy food reviews, you should also remember to consult with your veterinarian when determining the best puppy food choice for your newest and furriest family member.