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My family migrated from Parana Argentina. Down under we have large deadly constrictors. People have to kill them. They will kill you dog, child other dangerous animals and even their owner. People who own such pets are selfish and putting other lives at rick. If you want to own such a pet move to the Amazon Jungle and see how long you survive. They even kill alligators. I live in the south and we have to watch where we walk for half of the year because if you get bit you need anti venom right away or you limb could be amputated. If dogs can be neutered so should deadly snakes. We must be living in the end times when this diabolical evil creature is fastly becoming mans best friend.
5 Great Pet Snakes. Corn Snake. California Kingsnake. Rosy Boa. Gopher Snake. Ball Python.
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Thank you for posting such an informative blog! I also appreciate the fact that you took the time and effort to address each and every comment posted. I was actually researching for a pet when I stumble on your blog. I live in Hong Kong and the climate here is rather seasonal, with a fair share of hot summer and cold winters (not the snowing type of cold weather though). I wanted to get a pet snake, but I’m not sure which breed will thrive best here. There aren’t many pet stores here that sell snakes, and the one that does, doesn’t have a hog nose (which I fell in love after reading about it) besides hog nose, are there any snakes that stay relatively small? Also, should I purchase from breeders overseas? Would it be hazardous for the snake’s health to travel? Thanks in advance! Best Pet Snake Species for Children and Beginners | PetHelpful
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What snake IS best for you? It is a good question to ask, and I think I have the answer. I have listed snakes that are popular pets, both dangerous or not. These answers are coming from the experts, and they will be asking the questions. Take this quiz, and help to learn what type of snake is best for you.This snake shows up on a lot of people's lists of best pet snakes, and with good reason. meet all of the criteria I've outlined above: (A) they rarely grow to over six feet long, averaging just over five feet; (B) they have good temperaments and can easily be tamed when handled once a week or so; (C) they will generally accept frozen / thawed mice or rats on a consistent basis; and (D) they will generally live long, healthy lives if their basic needs are met.Snakes and lizards are popular pet requests parents get from their kids, they are also seen by many people as great starter pets; alternatives to getting a dog or a cat, which are typically viewed as high-maintenance, however, there are many things to consider before bringing home a pet reptile, including the best reptile to have as a starter pet.Many pythons in the pet trade have been caught in the wild and imported to the United States. Unfortunately, these snakes often adapt poorly to captivity, might refuse to eat, could have parasites and can be vulnerable to stress-related illnesses. In addition, over-collection for the pet trade has strained or threatened several species in the wild. It’s best to buy snakes that have been bred and born in captivity -- they usually feed better and are healthier. With the popularity of pythons as pets, there’s no shortage of reputable breeders. It’s best to feed your python pre-killed rodents. Live mice and rats have sharp claws and teeth, and they can attack and even kill a snake. Never handle a snake over 5 or 6 feet long by yourself. Large constrictors are extremely strong and can move very quickly. Even a usually docile snake with an experienced keeper can attack, especially if a feeding response is triggered.I have an albino San Diego gopher snake (one of several gopher snake species), and I refer to him as my "ambassador" to the snake world. He is my ambassador because he has the best temperament of all my pet snakes. So he is the snake I get out whenever a curious -- but somewhat intimidated -- houseguest wants to learn about snakes. I tell them, "Wait right here. I've got just the snake for you to meet."Snakes are very interesting and surprisingly rewarding pets to have. Before you consider getting a snake, you should do your research to find the best snake species for you. Choose a seller carefully and ensure your snake is healthy before purchasing. You’ll need to acquire all the equipment a snake will need for its habitat as well as regulate the temperature and humidity and clean the cage regularly.