Pet Experts Warn Against Small Turtles That Turn Into Big ..

Lastly, this is another one of the biggest mistakes that pet turtle owners make.
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It's very important to do your research before getting a pet turtle or tortoise, as they are big commitments. You won't be able to stick a turtle in a 20 gallon tank and expect it to be happy and healthy, and when it comes to tortoises, fish tanks are one of the absolute worst that you can use to house one in.
One of the biggest challenges to keeping pet turtles is satisfying their space requirements
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You don’t need to play with a turtle, it doesn’t wish for it. A turtle is for sure no toy pet. The time you have to take with a turtle is mostly about creating a perfect habitat for them and keeping it clean. Your first step will be to purchase a turtle tank. The tank needs to have a basking area and a swimming part that you actually can create in any aquarium tank. Also look for the possibility to add a water filter to the tank. A 20-gallon-tank is quite big so you can be sure that you don’t need a bigger tank as your turtle will grow. Since then, there have been big changes in the pet-turtle industry
Photo provided by Flickrpet stores would have you believe, you will one day need a tank big enough for a full grown turtle.
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Your turtle will live in water and that water will get very dirty. This is where a fish aquarium filter comes in to save you. Instead of having to change that water all the time, you use the filter to do the dirty work for you. Turtles are dirty pets so the bigger the filter the better. Warning- these can sometimes be expensive.. but save a lot of time down the road and help keep your water clean.You can feed fish to aquatic turtles and "feeder fish" may be purchased from pet stores or bait stores. Depending on the size of the turtle, fish such as goldfish, guppies or minnows may be used. Feeding live fish will provide your turtle with the mental stimulation and exercise that comes with the challenge of chasing and catching its dinner. Some people leave fish swimming around in the tank and add more as they are eaten. If you prefer, these fish may also be bought in larger quantities, killed, separated into meal-sized portions, combined with a little water and frozen to preserve them. They can then be thawed and fed to your turtle as needed. Do not feed frozen fish all the time. It is critical that the turtle consume the entire fish, guts and all as this is a complete nutritional "package". Smelt, mackerel and other oily fish should be fed sparingly or avoided all together as their high fatty content may lead to vitamin E deficiencies. Bigger fish may be chopped up into manageable sizes for smaller turtles.Why am I telling you this? Because slider turtles make great pets -- but only if you're able to provide them with the care and space they need. So please don't choose a slider unless you have the room (and the money) for a big tank or a pond, along with all the filters and everything else needed to properly take care of a large turtle. If you can do all that, then sliders are a great choice as your first turtle.A: When water turtles are young they are mainly carnivorous. As they get older they tend to change to omnivorous. My parents feed us turtle pellets. They buy them at the pet store. One of our favorite treats is cooked chicken! We’ve also eaten tuna, feeder fish, a gold fish once (he was real big, but we managed), snails from the river, crayfish – mmm mmm delicious, we’ve had worms, and crickets are good too. My mom has tried feeding us romaine lettuce. Its all right, she says that we will like it better when we get older.