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Diseases associated with birds kept as pets that cause human illness include:
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While some birds are raised in homes with other pets and are used to hearing barking or cats meowing, other birds have never heard or seen a dog or . Both of these species are predators and can be very scary and stressful to birds. If your bird is to be cared for in a place where there are other animals, such as or , ideally your bird should be out of view and earshot of these other animals so he isn’t stressed or at risk for injury.
Pet and Bird Clinic functions as advanced trauma/emergency and intensive care treatment and diagnostic centers.
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They generally do not like to share their cages with other birds and usually do well as solo birds in a household, as long as they get adequate daily attention. They love to hang out with their human “flock-mates” during meals and often love to steal bites of their caretakers’ food. African greys are amazing pets for adults or teenagers who have the time to spend with them. Given their large beaks and love for crunching hard objects like nuts and wood, African greys are not the best pets for families with young children, who might like to share their treats with the family pet; tiny fingers can be easily bitten and injured. Birds of all kinds are increasingly popular as pets. Statistics from a survey completed by the  show that Americans own 16.2 million pet birds.
Photo provided by FlickrGreat tips for those who are thinking of getting a pet bird. We used to have a cockatil and it was such a good pet.
Photo provided by FlickrMany bird owners also have cats and dogs and, as natural predators, these pets often instinctually to want to run after prey such as birds.
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You appear to have JavaScript disabled. Although you should be able to use Petopia without JavaScript, you may be missing out on some of the snazzier features.Dread ravens seem to be deliberately non-tameable at this stage. It's also possible they could end up as Carrion Birds (or a new family) if they're made tameable.Dread rocs seem to be deliberately non-tameable at this stage. It's also possible they could end up as Carrion Birds (or a new family) if they're made tameable.Always deal with a reputable breeder or bird store when shopping for a pet. Some pet retailers see birds as products to be sold as quickly and efficiently as possible. Rapid stock turnover may be good for profits, but not for pets. Deal with people who sell healthy, well-socialized birds and you can count on the best start to your relationship with your new pet.Beverly Wild Bird and Pet Supply offers a variety of quality foods, treats, supplements, toys, collars, leashes, bedding , litter and everything in between for your dog, cat, pet bird and small animal. If we don't have the brand you are looking for we can stock that for you. Special orders are welcome. Looking for wild bird seed and feeders? We carry a unique selection of seed from 5-50 lb bags and feeders that have a proven and practical approach to bird feeding. Roughly 35 percent of homes in that Southeast Asian region keep as pets. People love the sound of their singing and build them elaborately carved mahogany cages. But they prefer the birds to be wild caught, and the more unusual the better. The result, according to a new study in the journal Biological Conservation, is that wild bird populations are being drastically reduced, and some species are probably being driven into extinction. This bird is perfect for beginners who aren’t sure they want as much interaction as some other species require. The canary is happy to hang out in a cage and entertain you with beauty and song. In fact, they’d rather be handled. Because they don’t desire handling, the canary is a good children’s pet, providing song and beauty and allowing youngsters to observe the wonder of birds close up.My Pet Bird Review of Kitty the Caique Parrot is finally here! A video 3 years in the making and you guys have requested for it multiple times.

I'll start by saying that choosing a pet bird is a daunting task because the choice you make is most likely going to be a life choice as most parrots will happily live past 25 and keep going. If you choose a Caique, they have been known to live past 60 so there's a good chance your pet will outlive you by the time you get around to affording the purchase (they are not cheap at all).

Caiques are playful little birds who don't know their own size, it's been a highly rewarding experience getting one :) Got questions for me about the bird? Join our Facebook below!



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