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Find toys that best suit your pet bird’s size and interests at Petco today!
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For those wanting a more social pet bird, or one they can train, Petco’s bird shop provides a variety of hand-tamable parakeets, conures and cockatiels birds for sale. These parrot species are ideal for first-time owners and enthusiasts alike. Although not known for their melodious singing, they can be taught to mimic sounds and whistles and love to play with a variety of toys. Most require a bigger habitat than finches and they are very social, requiring daily interaction with their pet parents. When you are ready to find a feathered friend to bring home to roost, then peruse Petco’s beautiful birds and stimulating habitats for sale.
Live birds available only in Petco stores. Selection varies by store. Check your local store for availability.
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Browse through Petco’s wide selection of large bird cages or shop for an aviary and provide an ample habitat where your pets can comfortably spread their wings. Since small and large birds are known for being social creatures, most pet parents opt for cages that can accommodate as many as they can afford to care for. Many bird aviary models include easy assembly and detailed instructions, so you can feel confident about the safe habitat you are providing for your pets. Since these habitats require more supplies, these large bird cages sometimes include a shelf below, so you can store feed, spray cans, and other accessories. Live birds available only in Petco stores. Selection varies by store. Check your local store for availability.
Photo provided by FlickrLive birds available only in Petco stores. Selection varies by store. Check your local store for availability.
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I went to Petco and Petsmart today here in Kingman AZ. I saw some really cool birds, the parrot was priced at $599.99, expensive but nice. Not sure of the real difference, buying birds from Petco, or buying birds from Petsmart. All of the birds seemed healthy, but a bit sleepy or inactive, some of them. I have a large bird cage, but not sure yet if I'll set it up. Petco birds, Petsmart birds.Our Petco Mineral Bird Cake is a superior mineral supplement and beak conditioner. This long-lasting mineral block provides an outlet for your bird's natural chewing behavior that will help keep his or her beak trimmed. This banquet block is also a great source of digestible calcium for the optimum health of your bird. Provides entertainment as your bird chews the block.As the smallest member of the cockatoo family, cockatiels are often regarded as an ideal starter bird and are a popular family pet. Cockatiels are known for their whistling and can even learn a few phrases. These charming birds are generally very affectionate, but may require some taming before they are comfortable. Although they are a smaller bird, cockatiels require enough space for activity and exercise. Petco has several cockatiel cages for sale that provide your pet a comfortable home. They’ll also need different-sized perches, plenty of interactive toys and a fresh supply of food and water every other day. Head to Petco to pick your cockatiel bird for sale in-store and make sure to browse through our wide selection of bird accessories to set up your pet’s new home.Petco is creating a compassionate and humane image by removing treats and food made in China, showing you care about providing safe products for our pets. Your sale of birds contradicts this positive image, but you can change that by discontinuing the sale of birds.Do you want to socialize your new pet bird? Birds are social creatures that are used to being part of a flock. That's why they love hanging out with you! Our tips for socializing your bird into your community will help you develop mutual trust and strengthen your bond. There are many benefits to socializing your bird. You will both be more comfortable together and once your bird is comfortable with you, you can use the tips found in this video to engage your bird with others. You can teach your new pet to mimic words or even play fetch! What's your favorite thing to do with your bird?

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Petco Official Website: Popular among many birds and pet parents, a cuttlebone is practically a must for beak maintenance. As a convenient way to provide your pet bird with calcium, the Petco Cuttlebone with Metal Holder helps to keep pet birds occupied and is equipped to attach to your bird’s cage quickly and easily. For more variety, there are Petco Flavored Cuttlebones available in enticing flavors to add more enjoyment and fun for your pet birds. As pet birds and many other caged pets are susceptible to attracting mites and other irritating parasites, such as lice, there are lice and mite sprays available to repel them, as well as 8 in 1 Bird Protector.