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The Mexican Black King Snake is a popular pet, and is often recommended to beginner snake owners
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Just came up stairs from the ground level of my house (garage, den, laundry room) turned a corner to find a black snake in my hallway. I screamed a lot and let my husband dispatch the snake. How/is, there a way to make sure this does’nt happen again? I don’t think my heart can take it.
I assume it came in through the basement door and climbed the carpeted stairs and into the hallway because my husband sometimes leaves the door open. He will not take the blame. I’m trying not to have bad thoughts. Any way to keep them away from the house is appreciated. We live in the suburbs of W-S.
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There are multiple subspecies of common kingsnakes (California, Mexican Black, Desert, Speckled, Brooks etc. etc.) and many different morphs of each. Common Kings attain a manageable size, are hardy, and eat well. They are extremely common in the pet trade as well, and most of those available are captive bred. All things considered, this is one of the best starter snakes on the market. Explore Pet Snake, Black King, and more
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The Mexican Black King Snake is a popular pet, and is often recommended to beginner snake owners. It generally has a mellow temperament and is a hardy eater.By far the most popular snake in the American exotic pet industry, the corn snake is actually a commonly seen snake in the eastern states, from New Jersey to the Florida Keys. So what makes this species so popular? It is a docile and hardy animal that is easily cared for, yes, but its true appeal lies in its genetic variety. Many corns that carry genetic mutations such as albinoism and hypomelanism exhibit some of the most spectacular colors seen in any snake on earth. The Bloodred morph, for instance, lives up to its name with scales that rival ruby gems in color and intensity. Charcoal corn snakes, on the other hand, lack the red pigments all together and are gorgeous black and ashy colored snakes with pitch black eyes. The Tessera morph, a newly discovered mutation, alters the snakes’s pattern rather than its colors, changing its normally banded saddles to one single stripe down its back. All these genetic mutations may be combined with one another to create new and entirely different colors and patterns, making it the most popular snake for hobbyists and breeders alike.Diet:
Black racer snakes are primarily carnivores, but they will also eat large insects. Like all carnivorous reptiles, they will only eat food that is alive. Black racer snakes eat large crickets, grasshoppers, frogs, small birds and their eggs, pinkie mice, small lizards, and even full grown rats. Like all pets, Black racer snakes require fresh water daily.The black milk snake (Lampropeltis triangulum gaigeae) is gaining in popularity among the colubrid crowd and converting more than a few non-colubrid fans. It possesses nearly all of the traits reptile lovers want in a pet: easy to care for, easygoing personality and easy on the eyes.