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 ($38) These are like the blanket pets, but feature your favorite story book characters.
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My grandson would love one of these. The only problem is that they have so many cute blanket pets that it’s hard to choose which one to get. Just when I think I found the one I like I see another one I like. I wish they had these when my daughter was little.
Zoobies Blanket Pets would make a great gift for any child on your list!
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Nevertheless many people tell us that they are going to sleep with their pets anyway. Then they ask for our advice on how to minimize the danger of using their heated blanket or heated mattress pad. We tell them to be very careful and examine their warming product frequently for damage. We also advise that the SoftHeat Low Voltage line of heating bedding products converts the potentially dangerous 120VAC wall electricity to electrically safe 16 or 18VDC within the heating blanket or heating mattress pad. This low voltage is considered by UL (Underwriters Laboratories Safety Agency) to be (i.e. shockproof) for you and your pet. The wings of Pillow Pets Pink Butterfly blanket will keep you as cozy as ever.
Photo provided by FlickrYour blanket is awesome! It’s good to treat our pets good, they deserve the best!
Photo provided by FlickrZoobie Blanket pets look very cute! I especially like Uriel the Unicorn.
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Whether it is a cat, dog, turtle, bird, fish, or iguana – pets can become a very important part of your family.
Next to kids, pets are the most popular thing people take pictures of and keep around in their house.
So whether it's a photo blanket of Spike the bulldog, a photo pillow of Goldie the fish, a photo tote bag of Speedy the box turtle or a photo wall hanging of Nick the tabby cat we've got you covered. Choose your favorite pet picture and have fun with it. Don't forget to add text and fun borders also. Keeping your blankets on the back of the couch or at the foot of the bed might keep certain pets away, but we know our feline and canine friends have a way of resting where they aren't supposed to. Much as we love them, we don't always love the smell or the fur they leave behind. To keep your blankets safe, in a closet or even in a decorative bin. That way, you can pull them out when you need them.We love our blankets...but so do our pets. Whether your cat or dog likes to snuggle up with you in your favorite blanket or throw or whether they'd rather get their teeth and claws into it, here are a few tips on how to keep your textiles safe from your pet.Don't put your blanket away...that makes it a chore...why own it...? I would not suggest washing regularly either... they woven of natural fibers and should be washed when you need to. If I don't want my dog on the blanket I cover it with a sheet like Sheila said...or I keep the dog off...or...I get my pet their own baby blanket size one! Pets know a good thing!!If you really want to keep your pets away from your blankets and throws - especially if they are the destructive type - keep them out of rooms (such as your bedroom) by closing the doors or putting up baby gates.'Tis the season when Miami-Dade gets those occasional chilly days. Let's make sure that shelter pets are as warm and cozy as we are at home by donating new or gently used clean blankets for them to keep snug during those sudden cold spells.