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The team captains for the holiday pet drive were Sarah Keck, Alyssa Fetera, Elizabeth DiGiovanni, Katherine McGeever, Beth Brigham, Brianna Phillips, and Jackie Maniscalco. The teams were given wish lists from the local shelters, and got to work buying pet food, treats, litter, blankets, towels, etc.
Brigham City Animal Shelter has dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens for adoption. Adopt a pet in Brigham City, Utah.
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Brigham City Animal Control. ... The Brigham City / Box Elder County Animal Shelter is located at 1220 West Forest, Brigham City, Utah. Hours of Operation. BRIGHAM CITY — The near 40 cats taken from a home here are all in foster homes and otherwise cared for in a Salt Lake animal shelter.
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Judy Loveland, Brigham City animal control officer, said a shelter such as Farris' should be disinfected daily and have a sewer system to dispose of feces.The Brigham City Police Department is one of the most progressive and proactive departments in northern Utah. The Department consists of 26 sworn officers, one Animal Control Officer, one Animal Shelter Technician, two Records Clerks, one part-time Narcotics Strike Force Secretary, two part-time Crossing Guards, and one Administrative Assistant. The entire BCPD staff is professional, dedicated, and ready to serve the citizens of Brigham City.
With her small cadre of volunteers, Farris said she finds homes for far more creatures than the Box Elder County-Brigham City animal shelter. In a recent week, she placed 14 animals. She collects anywhere from a few quarters to $20 per animal to absorb feeding costs.

In October of 1853, Mormon Church President Brigham Young gave Apostle Lorenzo Snow a special assignment. He was to choose 50 families to take with him to live in Box Elder. There he would organize a system of cooperative living in which the people would produce everything they consumed. Snow selected tradesmen with various skills important to the development of a pioneer community.

The newcomers began arriving in the spring of 1854 and joined the settlers already living near Box Elder Creek. Many of those who came in 1855 spent their first winter in dugouts. The men dug cellars in the ground and covered them with roofs made of poles, willows and dirt. Small openings were left in the makeshift roofs for light and for fireplace chimneys. These dugouts provided immediate shelter until more permanent log houses could be built over the cellars.

The only meat eaten that winter came from animals that had frozen or starved to death. In the early spring, people found sego lilies and a few wild tomatoes. For two months many had nothing to else to eat. Those fortunate enough to have a little flour made a thickening to put over the boiled segoes. Others ate them raw.

A Salt Lake City resident sent the Box Elder settlers a cow to add milk to their sparse diet. The cow ate a poisonous weed and died, and the people didn't know what to do. They were starved for meat, but afraid to eat it because of the poison. Jensine Christensen fried a piece and fed it to her cat. the next day the cat was feeling fine so the people divided the meat, cooked it, and enjoyed it immensely.

By the summer of 1855 Lorenzo Snow, his family, and all those he had chosen to bring with him had arrived. This influx of settlers transformed the small settlement to a sizable town which was renamed Brigham City in honor of Brigham Young.

Apostle Snow became the first political and religious leader of the community. He had the town surveyed and families selected lots and built permanent homes. The Snow family home became the stopping place for Brigham Young and his company of tourists whenever he visited the northern settlements. The Snow family often entertained as many as forty guests at once.It is the goal of Brigham City's Animal Control to provide service to the citizens and animals of Brigham City through the professional operation of the Animal Shelter and through animal care and control programs. These services include, but are not limited to:View all Brigham City animal shelter and rescue organizations in your area. Adopt a pet in need of a permanent loving and caring home today. There are so many animals living in shelters and foster homes in Brigham City.