Broken Arrow Animal Shelter searches for lost turkey's owner

 Picture of Rocky the Liger at Broken Arrow Animal Shelter Liger Zoo. Photo Courtesy of
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The City of Broken Arrow Animal Shelter has several pets waitingfor good, adoptive homes. Call 259-8311 right away; these are onlyavailable through Wednesday.
The Broken Arrow Animal Shelter has plenty of dogs and cats looking for a FUR-ever home!
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Throughout the past year, the Broken Arrow Animal Shelter, located at 4121 E. Omaha St., has made a change to ensure that animals like Jacko are not only provided with food, medical attention and shelter, but also a permanent home. The Broken Arrow Animal Shelter transferred the dog to the care of Oklahoma Alliance for Animals.
Photo provided by FlickrBroken Arrow Animal Shelter officials are looking for the owner of a lost turkey.
Photo provided by FlickrWhat: Broken Arrow Animal Shelter adoption event. Games and activities available for kids.
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Broken Arrow Animal Shelter is a liger zoo, as ligers are also on the list of animals at this animal sanctuary. This liger zoo is located at Oklahoma State of USA. If you are from Oklahoma, then your best chance to watch a liger at Oklahoma will most probably be the Broken Arrow Animal Shelter. The exact address of this liger zoo is “Broken Arrow Animal Shelter, 26881 East 58 Street, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma (OK) 74014”. This liger zoo is spread across at least 50 acres of land and it comprises of at least 200 wild & exotic animals including ligers, tigers, lions, cheetahs, and many more. This liger Zoo is in operation since 1995, and is still in operation in Oklahoma.Broken Arrow Animal Shelter, where Rocky the liger lived is chiefly run by Lori Ensign Scroggins. She has been rescuing 100s of animals since 1995 and she is still continuing her mission forward. Rocky the liger was not born at the Broken Arrow Animal Shelter, but rather it rescued from being abused by its past owners. However; at the Broken Arrow Animal Shelter, Rocky the liger was cared properly, and he got a much better life at the zoo. Broken Arrow Animal Shelter is not opened publically! You will have to get permission from the authorities at the zoo to make a visit there and see exotic animals at the zoo. The most famous liger at the Broken Arrow Animal Shelter is Rocky the liger. Rocky is not only famous at the Broken Arrow Animal Shelter, but this liger has also made a huge buzz around the world. Rocky the liger weighed well over 900 pounds while some sources online have also quoted it to weigh more than 1000 pounds as well. Rocky the liger resembles more like tiger rather than a lion from its appearance. Rocky the liger is 11 feet long and from its physical appearance he does look more than weighing 900 pounds as lions and tigers at this liger zoo almost look dwarf in front of Rocky the liger. However; recent reports do indicate that Rocky the liger has died as of 5th July, 2014. Rocky the liger lived for 19 years which is a very long age for a big cat and a liger. Remember the maximum recorded age for a liger is 24 years (Shasta the liger). The Presence of Rocky the liger at Broken Arrow Animal Shelter Liger Zoo in Oklahoma, has increased the popularity of this liger zoo. Photo Courtesy of Rocky the Liger at Broken Arrow Animal Shelter died during the year 2014. Rocky the liger during the year 2010, also took the life of an animal trainer named as Peter Getz. Photo Courtesy of “It shall be the mission of the Broken Arrow Animal Shelter to protect and serve all citizens and animals of our community through diligent and compassionate enforcement of the ordinances of the City of Broken Arrow, statutes of the State of Oklahoma and the policies and procedures of the Broken Arrow Police Department. We will strive to provide the most ethical and humane services possible and will always be guided by the values of the Police Department and Broken Arrow City Council which are service to community, integrity, accountability, pride and professionalism.”