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Again leaning more heavily on whimsy than strict function, these fun stainless steel tags feature bright colors and fun symbol-style designs. You get your choice of eight colors and 13 designs so you can create a custom tag to suit your pet’s personality. As an added bonus, at the time of this writing, if you buy two tags, you can take 15 percent off the already super-cheap price.
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This is interesting: In situations where people can see our tags on a display in a pet store, our plastic tags outsell stainless by two to one. On the internet where people cannot see our tags "in person," the stainless tags outsells plastic by three to one. Also, many of the humane organizations that buy tags from me buy my plastic tags. Australia's Engraved Personalised Pet Tags, Gifts and more | Buy Bulk
Photo provided by Flickrtold all my friends who have pets about BadTags and would definitely buy from again!
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We believe you'll be so happy with our Pet Tags, that this will be the last Pet Tag you buy, guaranteed. Our Pet Tags are waterproof, and extremely durable. If one of our Pet Tags ever breaks, or is damaged by normal use, we will you a new one FREE of charge!Never worry about losing your pet again with our Personalized Pet ID Tags. Give your pet the best chances of being returned to you with the most informative and COOLEST Pet Tag on the market. The Last Pet Tag you'll every buy, Guaranteed. You are buying a Pet I.D. Tag to protect your pet from loss. Function/Durabilityare the most important considerations. We make the most durable tags available. Our priority is a tag that will still be on your pet's collar and readable years after you buy it. Don’t base your tag selection solely on how cute the tag is, our tags are as good looking as they get, but they are also more durable than the tags produced by any other manufacturer. The bottom line is: If your pet is lost you want the person who finds it to be able to read your contact information, if the text isn’t going to remain readable over time there is really nopoint in buying a tag at all. That said, we Guarantee our CollarTags™ will remain legible for the life of the pet they are purchase for. I sincerely believe my CollarTags SHOULD make all traditionalhanging tags obsolete. View our CollarTag Video, it plays on You Tube, the link is on our home page.The statistics around lost pets should be enough to make any pet parent double-check their dog or cat’s ID tags, or buy a set immediately if they don’t have any. More than 10 million pets are lost each year, and one in three pets will be lost at some point in its lifetime, according to the National Council of Pet Population Study & Policy and the National Humane Society. Only one in 10 of those pets is found.6. BOGO Free. Buy 1 get 1 Free // Aluminum Single sided tag. These three styles are our unique pet id tags. Use this coupon code: BOGOFREE.TELLING IT LIKE IT IS: Are people offering you these tags interested inyour pet's safety? or just in separating you from your money? Mysuggestion: Don't buy anything from a store that is willing to offer youthese tags, they don't have their priorities in order.