Sleepypod becomes a comfortable carrier for pet buddies to travel in.

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The Navy is rolling out the carpet for its carrier-based aircraft – the "Magic Carpet," a computer-assisted landing system designed to take some of the risk out of landing on the deck of a moving ship. But unlike the push towards software-based autonomy in other naval systems – like the X-47 fighter or the ACTUV surface craft –Magic Carpet is designed only to aid the pilot in a dangerous everyday task.
The safest and most comfortable way for pets to travel is inside a carrier or crate. The HSUS
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I definitely don’t see where it is that it says not to strap in or safety belt the carrier! The sleepy pod has a place where you can put the seat belt through, and so does the large, hard carrier that I use to transport my pet (tried sleepy pod but at 13 pounds my cat cannot comfortably stay in the SP for very long–can’t stand up. Ultimate Backpack Pet Carrier - Carriers - Canvas Style Carriers Posh Puppy Boutique
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The Pet Gear I-GO Plus Traveler Pet Carrier can be used as a pet carrier, rolling bag, tote, backpack or car seat. It allows you to take your pet with you on trips to the vet, mall or on short car trips. The Pet Gear I-GO Plus Traveler Pet Carrier has a removable plush pad for ultimate comfort, and an interior tether that attaches to your pet's collar for safety. It is taller and wider than the original I-GO Traveler, which means ultimate comfort for your pet. It also comes with two side pouches for your pet's accessories, and a telescopic handle and bottom wheels in order to pull him or her through malls or other crowded venues. The Pet Gear I-GO Plus Traveler Pet Carrier comes in five different colors and can fit small pets up to 25 lbs that properly fit the dimensions (see Size & Color tab). Maritime Augmented Guidance with Integrated Controls for Carrier Approach and Recovery Precision Enabling Technologies, or MAGIC CARPET, is already integrated into the F-35Cs that pilots from Air Test and Evaluation Squadron will take for a spin, NAWCAD aerospace engineer Steve Moss told Navy Times on Wednesday. The Pet Gear I-GO Plus Traveler Pet Carrier is a 5-in-1 system that allows you to carry your pet with you in a number of different ways. It transforms from an ordinary shoulder bag pet carrier to a backpack, car seat, and even a rolling pet bag. In addition, the Pet Gear I-GO Plus Traveler Pet Carrier comes with a removable plush pad to relax your pet, and an interior tether strap that clips to your pet's harness so he or she can't jump out. The Pet Gear I-GO Plus Traveler Pet Carrier is great for people and pets on the go because it allows you to take your pet anywhere with you. With MAGIC CARPET, pilots are able to steer the jet to the carrier without losing lift, because self-adjusting flaps in the jet's wings compensate for any path changes, without having to hit the throttle.MAGIC CARPET allows a jet to self-correct its altitude, Moss said, as opposed to the constant pushing and pulling pilots do now to stay on course while approaching a carrier.As pets continue to become an integral part of our families, they are also becoming more widely accepted in restaurants, shops, accommodations, and destinations. Now, not only do people tote pets on vacations, but they also include their pet on shopping trips, picnics, and daily errands. Pet travel accessories are becoming even more comfortable for both pets and pet-parents. Pet carriers and accessories align with fashion trends, keeping pet companionship more stylish, convenient, and discreet than ever before.