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Although Cardinal started in the pet industry as a manufacturer of pet grooming and health care products, we have steadily branched out into other pet products including dog treats and dog food. Today our pet business includes 7 different well known brands of pet products, each occupying a specific niche and reason for being. See the images for our brands at the bottom of the page, or pull down the menu at the top of the page.
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Tony DeVos describes the day he became president of Cardinal Laboratories Inc. as "one of the worst days of my life. "On that day Larry Sica," the man he calls "my mentor, my father-in-law, and one of my dearest friends," passed away, leaving leadership of the company, which manufactures pet grooming and health care products, in DeVos's hands.
He might have felt unprepared and bereft on becoming the head of the company, but he mapped out a strategy that has helped the firm develop into a major international player in the pet care industry. Testimonials - Cardinal Pet Care
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Presented by leading pet product manufacturer Cardinal Pet Care, the Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Awards were established in 1988 to recognize excellence and professionalism in the grooming industry. Cardinal was founded in in 1948, and currently operates out of . They produce the highest quality pet care products. The Cardinal family of brands includes Crazy Pet, Gold Medal Pets, Pet Botanics and Pet Botanics Naturals. On October 29, Cardinal officially converted their manufacturing and distribution center into a 100% solar-powered facility, showing not only how much they care about the quality pet products they produce, but also about the environment for pet generations to come.“We are delighted to continue partnering with Cardinal Pet Care in offering our dog training program students and graduates some of the most exceptional pet products available in the industry,” said Steven Appelbaum, president and CEO of .It was recently announced by Animal Behavior College (ABC) that famous Cardinal Pet Care company based in Azuza, California and responsible for manufacturing and marketing products of Crazy Dog, Gold Medal Pets and others, are expanding their support and sponsorship for ABC school's Dog Obedience Program and Pet Nutrition and Diet Continuing Education Program. In fact, the expansion has already began back in January, 2015, as reported in the press release.Today Cardinal Pet Care manufactures several brands of pet products including, Crazy Dog and Pet Botanics. In addition to dog training certification, ABC offers certification through its Grooming Instruction Program (GIP) and Veterinary Assistant Program (VAP). The school also offers a variety of timely CEPs on subjects including, cat management and training, pet nutrition, pet massage, pet sitting and training shelter dogs.“Cardinal Pet Care maintains high manufacturing standards, which are reflected in the quality of their products. Our enhanced alliance will not only provide significant product discounts and dog treat samples, but will also include their Pet Botanics Dog Food varieties as well as informational flyers for students with tips on how to read nutrition labels to better assess pet dietary benefits.”The Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Awards were founded in 1988 by Cardinal Pet Care President and CEO Tony de Vos and Shirlee Kalstone, then owner of the International Intergroom trade show for competitive grooming, for the purpose of establishing standards of grooming excellence and recognizing professional skills in the competitive grooming industry. Since the beginning, the Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Awards have been considered one of the highest honors in the pet grooming industry, with awards presented annually for outstanding achievement in several different grooming categories. A complete description of the criteria for the awards can be found at .